December 31, 2008

2009 Resolution Number 3...

Untuk menjadi Anak yang Soleh, Isteri yang Mithali dan Mommy yang paling Best!

hi all,
i woke up late this morning and had my subuh prayer quite late. Since i'm on mc, my 2 angels were inside the duvet with me too.. And after performing my solat, i was on the pray mat and thinking that i shouldn't do this again in the future.. Am already in my 30's and i need to be a better person. So, i pledge that i'll be a better person! I Promise.

And after sending the angels to school and while having my small breakfast (on diet lor..) on my own, i sneaked out on my emails and doing some internet banking thingy.. i got this one good email from my 40's sister.. he he he..

here is the tazkirah for this morning..


There is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out ALL OF IT, of course!!!

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME.
Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lostt, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft.

Each day it opens a new account for you.
Each night it burns the remains of the day.
If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours.
There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow."

So live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in good deeds, health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today.

December 23, 2008

agghhh.. Rotator Cuff Tear again..

I am suffering from this so called muscle tear or specifically called rotator cuff tear. My right shoulder suffer from stiffness and i can't bend it above the shoulder level because of the pain.

This happen again last Friday after my day out with the two angels- went around Malacca town. After lifting the little Ilham for quite few occassions, then i started to feel that there's muscle stretch on the right shoulder.. and i thought it will fade away after some rest etc.

Nevertheless, it didn't fade away, but it started getting more seriuos. Yesterday, i went to see my ophthalmologist - Dato' Dr Zul at GIMC.. and guess what he asked me to do:

1. Given one week MC to reduce the stress and pain in the shoulder muscle
2. 2 bags of medicines
3. MRI scan needed too. Can't escape this time! Schedule to be on 24th. Dec. 08

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tear

If caused by a fall or accident, acute pain (yes, probably eversince the car acc in 2003 but it got worsen after a futsal tournament in Aug this year).
Pain and decreased strength (especially when reaching overhead).
With a large or complete tear may, one may be unable to raise arm overhead.
Pain at night, pain sleeping on side.

Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tear

When a healthy rotator cuff tears as a result of a traumatic injury (fall or accident), surgery is more likely to be performed than when a rotator cuff tears as a result of chronic degeneration. Surgery is more likely to be successful when the cuff is healthy.

Small tears usually heal with conservative treatment. Partial tears often get larger. Large or complete tears often do not heal, however, surgery is not always necessary. Many older people have tears in their rotator cuff yet symptoms often resolve with conservative treatment. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles plays a major role in preserving function of the shoulder.

December 22, 2008

I want to go...

dream places...

My crave for travelling never end! This year 2008 has brought me & hubby (some alone..) to few countries or cities like London, Paris and Indonesia.

And on top of that, i went to Dubai & Abu Dhabi alone in Jan 2008.
This is the view of the Burj of Arab in real... and it was astonishing.... Dubai is a very high tech country with lots of great architecture... Would like to go there again one day...

For the year 2009...

we verbally plan for...

1. Disneyland Hong Kong or Tokyo. Why we plan for this? Because my 2 cheeky girls always asking whether i can bring them to see the Mickey Mouse or not.. So, we will consider that as well.. and shh.. don't you know that it's always my dream to go to Disneyland too.. hehehe..

2. Another Europe trip - Say Geneva or Italy... :) Dear God, please grant my hubby a trip to Europe again.. I want this so badly...

and the confirm trip for year 2009...

1. To Bandung..again.. hehehe.. on 14-17 Jan 2009.. This trip suppose to be a birthday treat for my dearie hubby..and definitely will be more enjoyable with the company of my family and friends..

December 17, 2008

tired, bored and demotivated..

i'm speechless.. sob sob sob...

December 14, 2008

2009 Resolution Number 2...

To get pregnant and produce a baby boy...

How? Hello guys.. anybody out there knows how to make a baby boy... hehehe
But i found this article and tables about baby choices bla bla bla..


Choice of a baby BOY or GIRL

Hope it is useful for some of you in planning stage. For those of you do not have any plan in the near future, you can keep it for future reference.

Man’s sperm consists of X & Y spermatozoa, X spermatozoon decides the female whereas Y is the male. Referring to these physiological properties of the spermatozoa, gynecologists set up the theory of ‘Choice of a girl or a boy’.

1st factor: Food
If you want a baby girl:
Husband must eat more alkaline food, wife eats more acidic food.

If you want a baby bo
Husband eats more acidic food, wife eats more alkaline food.

Alkaline food: vegetables, fruits, egg white, milk, algae, etc.
Acidic food: meat, seafood, etc.

2nd factor: Timing (When to do it?)
If you want a baby girl:
Frequent copulation during pre-ovulation period.

If you want a baby boy:
Copulating just before ovulation or just after ovulation.

How to confirm ovulation period:
Body temperature increases (you may want to use SPC chart to monitor your body temperature here).

3rd factor: Penetration (How to do it?)
If you want a baby girl:
Husband to avoid deep penetration in the female vagina during copulation.
If you want a baby boy:
Deep penetration by the husband is suggested.

Characteristics of X & Y spermatozoa
- X: Marathon runner with good stamina
- Y: Sprinter but poor stamina
So, with deep penetration, the chances for Y to reach destination will be higher.

4th factor: Stimulation
If you want a baby girl:
Wife should avoid stimulation during copulation. Secretion from female vagina becomes alkaline when stimulated, therefore this promotes the activity of Y spermatozoon.
If you want a baby boy:
Husband ejaculates after wife has been stimulated.

5th factor: Wife’s Preparation
If you want a baby girl:
Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of white vinegar in 1 liter of water. Since an acidic condition decreases activity of Y spermatozoon.
If you want a baby boy:
Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2 spoonfuls of soda in 1 liter of water.

6th factor: Positioning
If you want a baby girl:
Female to be on the top position & male to be on the bottom position.
If you want a baby boy:
Male to be on the top position & female to be on the bottom position. This posture allows the Y spermatozoon to reach the destination faster.


For those planning to have a baby & those who will need to plan in future, the chart below may help you to predict the sex of your future child.
The accuracy of the chart has been proved by thousands of People and is believed to be 99 percent accurate.
Believe it or not.


AGE 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

MONTH 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
1 G B G B G B B G B G B G B B
2 B G B G B B G B G B G B G G
3 G B G G B G B B B G B G G B
4 B G B G G B B G G B G G G G
5 B G B G B B G G G G G B G G
6 B B B G G G B B B G G B G G
7 B B B G G B B G G B B B G G
8 B B B G B G G B B B B B G G
9 B B B G G B G B G B B B G G
10 B B G G G B G B G B B G G G
11 B G B G G B G B G G G G B G
12 B G B G G G G B G B G G B B

AGE 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
MONTH 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
1 B G B B G B G B G B G B B G
2 G B G B B G B G B G B G B B
3 B B B G B B G B G B G B G B
4 G B G B G B B B B G B G B G
5 G G G G B G B B G B G B B G
6 G G G G G B G G B G B G B G
7 G G G G G G B G B B G B G B
8 G B G B G B G B G B B G B G
9 G G G G B G B G B G B B G B
10 G G G G B B G B G B G B B G
11 G G B B B G B G B G B B G B
12 B B B B B B G G G B G B G B

You can choose for yourself whether you want a boy or a girl by following the chart. The woman’s age from 18 to 45 (Chinese reckoning) is on the top line while the months Jan to Dec indicate the month when the baby is conceived. By following the chart you will be able to tell in advance whether your baby will be a boy or a girl. Thus, you can plan to have a boy or a girl.

This chart has been taken from a Royal tomb near Peking, China. The original copy is kept in the institute of Science of Peking. The accuracy of the chart has been proved by thousands of People and is believed to be 99 percent accurate. By reckoning, you follow a line drawn from the figure representing the woman’s age to a line drawn from the month the baby is conceived.
For instance, if the woman is 27 years old and her baby is conceived in Month 1 (according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar), then her baby will be a girl. The chart is based on the month the baby is conceived and not on the birth of the baby, B-Male, G-Female.

Remarks: A Chinese Scientist discovered and drew this chart which was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago.

2009 Resolution Number 1...

Dieting Rules

I have been reading and trying to follow these rules thousands time already but nevetheless am failed to comply to it. End up, i'm putting more and more- extra kg.. :)-. But i PROMISE, for this round, I'LL FOLLOW these rules faithfully and get into the desired shape before mid-year 2009.

1. MOVE! Make time for activity every day. You don’t have to join a gym or be a body builder, but you do have to move. Start your engine at least once a day, and take it out on the road for a minimum of 25 minutes. It can be as simple as getting out of your home and walking down the street. You can put on a radio and dance around your kitchen! However, the best predictor of permanent weight loss is exercise. I do it. You can too. Get a pedometer -- I highly recommend it as a motivational tool. It shows you how many steps you’ve taken that day, and it’s a constant but gentle reminder to stay active. You may want to begin some light weight training -- as you lose weight you’ll have more energy. Lean muscle mass helps master weight managers to maintain their weight.

2. CHOOSE! Choose fiber, the "secret" ingredient that master weight managers use. Choose a piece of whole fruit over juice; choose whole-grain bread instead of white; choose high-fiber cereal instead of refined, sugared cereal. High-fiber foods make you fuller, take longer to digest and cause a slow, gradual rise in blood sugar.

3. LOWER FAT! See, I didn’t say "No Fat." Fat tastes good, and you need a certain amount of fat in your diet daily. However, not all fat is equal! Fat is quickly stored in your fat cells, and contains more than double the calories of protein and carbohydrates, so choose wisely. Diets higher in saturated fat and trans fat (hydrogenated oils found especially in margarine, crackers, cookies and fried fast food) are associated with an increase in heart disease and stroke. Resolve to avoid fried foods, especially those from restaurants, which are usually made with trans fat. Bake, broil, grill, steam, sauté in a nonstick pan, poach or stir-fry.

4. BALANCE! Balance your diet; never exclude any one nutrient in favor of another. All foods fit into a healthy diet -- it’s the portion size and preparation method that counts. Don’t eat the same foods day after day, resolve to try different fruits and vegetables. Make each week a new opportunity to taste a fruit that you have never tried before, or one you’ve not had in a long time. Try a kiwi, persimmon, mango; some of these fruits and vegetables are powerful packages of nutrition, much more nutritious than the typical apple, pear or orange.

5. PLAN! Change isn’t easy, but when you have the foods and ingredients right at hand, then you’re more likely to eat those healthy foods. Especially in the beginning, resolve to print out your weekly menu and shopping list so you can shop for your ingredients. Shopping with a list is a great strategy for sticking to your program and saving time.

Hehehe.. Jom K'Long & Che Nie.. we need to wear kebaya during Makdik's wedding.. (when? --- God knows!) Ha ha ha.

November 28, 2008

Another fix treat...

Mami Poko also got warehouse today meh.. aiyah.. gone some more la...


Dah smlm kena interbiu.. was drilled into mid earth! what a day! And to fix it, i went to FJ Benjamin Preview Sale for friend and family.. hahaha.. just ambush and i got in! Big mistake = spent too much...
Good mistake = i'm HAPPY! hahaha.

November 26, 2008

Doa for today.. doa 1

”Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan Kami,

Kami sambut kedatangan hari ini dengan kesyukuran kepada Mu. Sempurnakan nikmatMu untuk kami pada hari ini dan kekalkanlah nikmat yang telah engkau kurniakan kepada kami selama ini dan kurniakan kelazatan untuk kami dalam mengecap akan segala nikmat yang dikurniakan kepada kami.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhan Kami,

Kami memohon kepada Mu akan nikmat secukup-cukupnya, memohon kesihatan semulia-mulianya, memohon rezeki semewah-mewahnya, memohon umur setua-tuanya, memohon rahmat dan nikmat sebanyak-banyaknya, memohon anugerah sebaik-baiknya, memohon sifat lemah lembut yang sehalus-halus Hikmahnya, memohon amal yang sebenar-benar faedahnya.
Aminn.. “

November 21, 2008

TARA3 Finalist...

Finally after so much waiting for the wonderful ending of the amazing race asia... After 10 weeks of washing buses and elephants, numerous vehicular problems, dealings with chickens and fish, getting tattoos, taxi drivers who did not know the way, Yields and U-turns executed by one team… it has boiled down to the three teams, of which one who will be crowned champion. here i would like to announce that the winners are:

1st. place - Sam & Vince (good boys always win)
2nd place - Geoff & Tish (bad boy & try to be bad girl) hahaha
3rd. place - Ida Nerina & Tania Khan (i cry for your winning sisters!!)

Well, congrats to all. To Ida, i really adore your fighting spirit! You're so strong & adventerous - salute you!

Bunga oh bunga...

I like her song and husky voice and i adore her beauty. How lucky she is. She got everything! Now i am enjoying & listening her song with Ari Lasso.. Wah.. Angau kejap.. Suka banget sama kamu ya!

Angau.. angau... duhai cintaku, sayangku... hehehe

October 14, 2008

One fall after another...

Itu namanya sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga... he he he.. my right shoulder is not yet fully recovered, but then my right eye has gone into ER as well.. It got infected after my laziness - slept with the contact lense on! OMG!

So folks.. never never slept with the contact lense. Bring lotsa harm than good. So now, for 3 weeks, i repeat! 3 weeks with my glass... (some of Senior Managers here said that i look like a school girl.. which i like it! Ha ha ha..) Life 24-7 with glass has obstructing my 360 degrees vision really which is why i don't like to wear the glass. I can only view within the most 130 degrees.. Hah..

Attach are some writings about the consequences of sleeping with contact lense..

So folks.. NEVER, i repeat NEVER sleep with your contact lense! Learn a lesson.

The YooHoo Sisters

I would like to share this kinda fun writing… ha ha… Isn’t great to be a woman?..

September 17, 2008

Shoulder Injury...

Act your age not your shoe size! This is a very good phrase thoughhhh.. i kinda agree after i got this shoulder injury which somewhat interrupting my daily routines. I need my bibik to help me on the house chores badly! kena ngaku lah... ha ha ha

August 22, 2008

Life is sickening!

My life is sickening and getting worse than ever before...
i hate this but i really hope that Allah will help me in solving this matter...


July 23, 2008

Tudung Bawal Kelantan for sale..

Anyone interested in buying latest designs / any designs of Tudung Bawal Kelantan at reasonable price... please browse thru our sales blog

Signature Kitchen Outlet - Free Advertisement

Dear friends and dearest bloggers..

If happen u want to make a makeover for your kitchen,
If happen u need to own a new kitchen fittings,
If happen u need new wardrobe,

Have a visit to my brother's Signature Kitchen Outlet in Plaza Shah Alam.
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Beyond Our Shores

Read NST newspaper (Life & Times) yesterday after long hour of conducting training in the suburb of Manjung had click my mind...about...

1. what am i doing?
2. do i really like this job?
3. why don't i get to do something like...

I read about this retired teacher, a veteran lady whom like to travel around the world and make a living by jotting down the all the experiences and whatever she came through during her trips. Back at home, she churned all the notes into nice story line and book it & sell it. Ha ha ha...

Hmm...that reminds me of my evergreen dream to be part of the team for Travel & Living channel contributors... I want to be another Ian Wright or Samantha Brown.. here comes our new traveller Rina Abdullah.. ha ha ha.. dream dream dream..

Well, back to our topic, actually.. there are lots of thing you can make do in your life actually. Never tell a person that u got nothing to do, so no money. There are many ways to do it weeeiii... But we just need to open our eye, ear and mouth bigger a bit only.

And back to my three Qs', i think whenever i am out of job, tak kira la study leave, or pencen ke... i'll do this- travel and try make a living from this hobby. How i wish...

June 28, 2008

Home sweet home..

Am ready to go back by the moment i am writing this blog. Why?

1. Miss my angels so much..
2. Pence-less already.. ha ha..
3. Office is calling me everyday..

so, basically i am ready to go back to my old routine.. being mommy to my angels, back to GPMS aquarium.. and bla bla bla.. no more honeymoon! :)

Till i come again, for sure i will.. one sweet day. Bye London.. bye Oxford Street, bye Holiday Villa Bayswater..

Wimbledon vs. Hujan vs. Mr Mandela Birthday Concert

Londoners said once Wimbledon Tournament started, then London will start raining. Partly true i guess. For the first week here, it was all bright sunny day with pretty nice weather around 17-18C and came the 2nd week, the Wimbledon week, raining or at least the dark cloud would shower the London city. And the weather got hotter now i guess. I don't need to take my jacket anymore during my outing!

And today is Mr Nelson Mandela's birthday concert at the Hyde Park... just about half km from my place. People started to gather in the park since 4pm.. guess they wanted to get the premium seat for tonight's show. Me not joining? Nope.. it's going to get very great shower - the big dark cloud is everywhere.. and need to get good sleep for tomorrow's trip back to KL.

Happy 90th. Birthday Mr Mandela..

Paris of paris..

Redirected our trip to Paris during the weekend 21st June 2008. It's only a day trip to Paris via King Cross - St Pancras Station - Eurostar. The train traveled really fast. Slightly more than 2 hours we were already in Paris. Departed from London around 6.20am and arrived in Paris, Gare Du Nord Station around 9.45am (+1 time diff). Scheduled to return to London that same day at 8.25pm.

Within less than 10 hours, we already khatam most part of Paris. Bought the unlimited train-bus ticket for Euro 5.60 each... we could travel as far as we wish within zone 1 &2 of Paris. Our first trip to Eiffel Tower. Me, being the journey coordinator specifically choose Eiffel due to the distance from the train station. We planned to cover from the most far place and coming back towards the Gare Du Nord by the evening.

Man, Eiffel is so huge! People were queuing like >1km just to get to the entry level - lift to go up. We decided not to go up since we didn't have enough time. Taken some pictures from all angles pf it.. then we walked pass by the Siene River to Trocadero to take train to next destination.

Next destination - Avenue des Champs-Élysées. This street was so beautifully constructed and maintained. Shops and boutiques set on both sides of the road.

By the time we finished strolling along this avenue, it's already 3pm and we needed to find a place to pray. Checked-out the guide book and there's only a mosque on the other side of the city but reachable by train. So we got a ride to the mosque (x ingat nama tmptnya..) Beautiful mosque ala Istanbul crafted with colorful marbles everywhere and is part of tourist attraction!

Our next destinations were definitely Paris National Art Gallery - just behind the mosques, The Lourves, and not to forget Notre Dame... I conclude that Paris is a right place for those who loves architecture and arts. You can see it everywhere. Let's enjoy the photo..

June 23, 2008

mate.. ni ha..

mate tgk la.. the scarf from tie rack. 6 pound each.. the blue stripe is long selendang.. and the rest are normal square.

June 22, 2008

Burberry treats

London's home brand.. trick or treats.. he he

p/s: tgh pikir lagi nak ke tak? price at the outlet is about 1/3 of the boutique's. Hmmmm..

June 18, 2008

london Bridge (tower bridge) .. here i am!

Among the best spot in London so far... Tower Bridge at 9pm..

June 17, 2008

something or many things from Ashford Outlet...

nah... tgk je dulu..nnt balik br dpt pegang.. ha ha ha

what a frustrating morning...

I woke up this morning like other Londoners I guess. At 6am in the morning.. Yay! Finally my brain follows the local time already. But then, my sleep was disturbed by a call from Citibank. It was quite disturbing when they called you continuously until I had to pick up and told them I’m away in London. They called to sell the products. Hah!

Legs and shoulder got swollen last night due to continuous brisk walk since 8.00am till 10pm at night. Last night outing with hubby was to get familiar with Hyde Park - Marble Arch. Got lost, found and lost again. Our main target was to go to HRC London to pick up some stuff and eat… I was damn hungry. Forgot to take lunch since I was eagerly digging out at for offers in Ashford Outlet. But managed to walk thru Harrods – walk through because the shop already closed by the time we reach there. It was 8.30pm.

What makes me so frustrated this morning was when I tried to get connected with my angels via video conference… my laptop cannot get connected to the t-mobile hotspot. Cannot get connected in the hotel and thought that hotel wi-fi was lousy. So went to the nearest Starbuck, still couldn’t get through. Must be me – not IT savvy anymore or the laptop getting older. Ha ha ha.. I prefer the second reason!

On the way back from Starbuck, passed by the small2 souvenir shops and came across the shop that sell 13 magnet fridge for £10. So GPMS folks.. that’s your souvenir la.. ha ha ha. Sorry mate, that’s all I can afford ha ha ha. And the stall keeper kept on offering me few things – it strikes me when he offered 4 shirts at price of £10 too.. 2 days ago hubby bought 3 for £10. I got better deal! Ha ha ha. And not to forget bought London Bus miniature 3 for £5 for my angels. They are always in my mind. Miss them really!

I need to go on.. to go out to Whiteleys and Oxford Street again to continue hunting for etc etc etc… ha ha ha. Til then.

London Holiday...

Today is my 3rd. day in this bustling city. Have been enjoying the cool weather even they are in summer holiday. It’s pretty cool and bearable for us still. Let me recalled what was happen for the past 2 days. The flight to London was an enjoyable one. Sat on the first 3 seaters row of the economy troop with one Datuk of Selangor. The Mr Alex of MAS chief steward had purposely make a space for Datuk Ismail (so do i!) just to ensure comfort journey. Thanks Mr Alex. So there were only 2 of us on 3 seaters. Been chit-chat with Datuk Ismail for all sorts of stories from politics to buah durian kunyit. Ah, Datuk got hundreds acre of Dusun Durian in Janda Baik. I’ll surely contact you for the durian treat Datuk.

Arrived in London Heathrow at 4pm, and with priority fast lane and fast luggage so everything went on smoothly. Ah, another bigger shot guy on my plane was Tan Sri (if not mistaken) RHB chairman – Hamid Kama Piah & wife and 2 escorts. Met them during fast lane immigration check out. I just like the way he talks, humble but intelligence. Rode in London Black Cabby to Holiday Villa costs us slightly more than £50 with good driver. So my first impression towards our holiday trip this time will be a NICE one as I wish.

2nd. day started with getting to know the city plan.. but before that, forget to tell you that the sunset yesterday was at 9pm and sunrise at 4am. Ha ha ha.. this will definitely screwed up my sleep time. Yes, we woke up at 4am and just do nothing until 7.30am to go down for breakfast. Couldn’t sleep already! Our first plan this morning was to visit the Morning market. Checked on my notes to see where we should be heading to and decided to go to Portobello Morning Market. After checking out the Oyster Card (we bought that for 7-days unlimited journey £24.20) and we rode the train towards Portobello. Passing by the Notting Hill area. Was looking for Travel Book Shop (where Hugh Grant works in The Notting Hill Movie) but missed it. I’ll try to check it out again! But had spotted few scene from the movie I guessed. Bought souvenirs for hubby staff, LONDON t-shirts for angels and those lucky nephews (only got few piece extra – sapa muat dia dapat!! Ha ha ha..) and found one designer cotton cardigan sold at £5 only. So that’s our catch in Portobello. Head to Oxford Street around 11pm. Damn, all shops were still close at this hour but then our pocket dok berjoget dah! He he.. Guess what time the shop will be open? Some at 12 noon and some even at 1pm. And will be closed around 6pm. So we strolled along the Oxford Street, Regent Street – looking for things behind the mirror. But hey we were not alone.. A lot of people strolling too, waiting for the shop to open the door. So we decided to spend our time smarter way, boarded on the red double decker bus, get the front row seat on top and round the city passing by the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, the Parliament and get back to the city just in time for shopping. In-out shops like next, MNG, GAP, clarks and PRIMARK. Thousands of shops along those two streets and that already tear off our pocket. Ha ha ha. Primark was full pack of peoples from around the world. It offers some quality goods with good price for us! Definitely I’ll visit again during the week-day for less people I hope!

Our 3rd. day started early too, woke up at 4.30am and started doing some planning for today’s plan. Hubby already got in his business and he stucked there already. I couldn’t stop the urge of going to Ashford Outlet la.. So decided to follow hubby to Victoria Station and checked out the bus and train fare to Ashford, Kent. Bus gave good offer for £12.30 return trip, and train offered £22.80 for return trip. Thought I could save £10 for one pair of clarks shoe, so I bought the bus ticket. Leaving the Victoria station at 9am, and Oh My Gosh! The trip took 3 hours to reach Ashford Town. Bit frustrated as the coming back bus at 4.20pm. Here I was to do my shopping in the Outlet only within 3 hours so. But looking at the different view, I was enjoying the ride actually because the bus took me to the countryside of London- into Dartford, Maidstone, Leeds Castle and Ashford city centre. So no complaint, I started my shopping at Ashford around 12.30noon. Bought some good stuffs like Principles Long dress for me, tons of Clarks shoe for us and moms and sisters (had to buy another trolley bag here to pack those shoes here), some Gap and knit knat. By 4pm, my foot were already crammed and it rushed me to go back. Doing some practical thinking about going back with bus or buy new ticket to go back by train?… I decided to buy another train ticket to go back. Tak sanggup nak dok 3 jam lagi dlm bas. Ha ha ha. After 1 hour, I was already in Charing Cross Station with extra £16.70 for the one way ticket. What a waste. Ha ha ha.

Hubby waited at Charing Cross Station happily to see me and what I bought for him.. ha ha ha. So enjoy the shoes and some staff. Makdik and K nie… do you like it?

May 30, 2008

Me and my good buddy

me and my best buddy - farah loubna