September 29, 2009

Back to school...

I am back to school. Feel young at heart! Ha ha ha..  I have collected my ID, done with Visa scanning and other registration thingy..including course schedule etc. and this morning i am off to city center for Bank Registration etc.. i choose HSBC bank.

About the uni.. it’s a larger uni compares to UNITEN definitely.. and it’s green everywhere coz it located in the middle of wheat field (i guess)  and it’s university in town center. My house is located around half km from city center, within walking distance. and about one km to the uni..

Now,  am connected to the internet from uni library, which located just next few doors from my department.

Classes for today just over and i should get into gear 2 and get all basics knowledge polished... all about EE subjects - circuit, fluid, maths and etc..

So guys, am off to get some reading materials before its too late.. hehehe...

September 27, 2009

wakey wakey in loughborough..

I have arrived safely in London. Touched down yesterday morning thru Heathrow at 5:10am.. and bus picked up from airport around 11:30am, reach uni around 2:30pm and straight headed my friend's house - Anne's.

My first agenda was joining Raya Open House.. makan nasik beriani lagi tu.. got to know each other, some gossiping and left we back to the rumah tumpangan at around 6pm..

My nose is still adjusting to UK weather.. weather is so nice at around 10 degree C and slightly windy..

and today, our next agenda right after subuh prayer gonna be - Carboot Sale sementara ada.. Anne's going to bring me & Haida to Quorn CBS.. ye ye ye... tengok la nanti apa hasilnya.. and at 10, there's an appointment with the the house.. so all things will be moved out to new house today.. gonna be a busy day today and end with another Raya Open House at Markas katanya..

So that's all so far..