August 24, 2009

snowy story..

The whole conversation below are genuine & real....

(morning scene- yesterday)

"mommy, it's snowy outside" Iman came and whispered to me...

"Hah, what? where got snowy here.. it's not snowy, but it's going to rain soon" mom said..

"yes mommy, it's snowy.. we in London now" Iman said.

" hah, dream la you..."

and then she ran away from me while kept on saying

"I go to London, i go to london..."


(evening scene- yesterday)

"mommy, can i eat snow"

"no you cannot" mommy replied

"yes i can, piggy eat the snow in my tv, i can too" iman said again..

In conclusion, she is really hoping that she can come along to London too..