June 18, 2010

Cottons for Mast...

these all what i can grab today... hope u like it.. combination of 2 metres and a 4 metres..

stacks of fabrics..

italian cotton 2 metres

italian cotton 4metres

italian cotton 2 metre

lycra cotton- 2 metres

lycra cotton - 2metres

June 17, 2010

Cottons owh cottonnsss..

These are few pieces of cotton yg ada kat sini..senang utk dibeli.. and week to weeks memang ddesign lain2 pakcik tu ada....just to share with u guys.. hehehe

All prices stated adalah harga kedai... in Pounds..
Utk RM = just kali RM5 jer.. for easy calculation.

orange (Viscose - 3.99/metre) gray and choc (Italian Cottons-2.99/metre)

Linens (3.99/metre)

Stretchy Cottons (T-shirt materials) 3.99/metre

For Mast - i hantar email kat u with these picturess too.. tp takut tak sampai.. pic size besar.. will re-send kalo tak..

For Tini..nak ker? hehehe.. 

she's fine now..

Alhamdulillah. she got her new rear windscreen yesterday.. and i am all smilings too..
Thank you Allah.

June 14, 2010

Rezeki in rezeki out

I am so frustrated when my bee-vee got punched last night and left its rear windscreen shattered into million pieces. I was so speechless when that happen at 12 midnight last night. So sad, so bad! Gara-gara England seri ngan US la ni..

And to add on to the problem, i am having problem with the car insurer - at the moment when i need someone to repair my windscreen badly, they just simply said they got problem with the NCD documentation and need to cancel it. Oh God! So here you are.. cancel it, leave my car insureless..rezeki out!

I can't drive it anymore, and definitely need SORN status. But still i need the windscreen get fixed. called Archway (thanks for being so helpful Curtins)  and asks for any mechanic whom can do this.. and a guy called up and offer for 150~200Pounds for the replacement cost.. mmm...rezeki out again..

Hukuman bertimpa.. but i still love the car! i want to bring it back home.. and i wanna be with her..  So this evening, right before the rain falls, me and Yun went to Halford to get her a rain cover. The cover itself costs me 50Pounds.. there you are.. Thanks Yun!

So guys, anak-anak sedara dan pak-pak masing2... jangan la dah bermimpi for jerseys, hackett, hrc shirts etc... all the budgets will go to my bee-vee.