October 09, 2009

Walking is good but..

... took my energy, strength and courage more than everything, everytime i walk to class. The journey from any direction gonna be like endless from starting end to last end.. yes, it's the other end of the uni campus... walking down passing by the Forest Road, exit into Ashby road, enter the uni side gate, walk thru James France building, crossing the rugby fields and etc...  yes its an exercise, good good good.. hehehe

And the bad side of it, after i have loaded my mind with all sorts of knowledge in class and my body gets tired, so bus always the alternative. From campus to town cost about 1.50 per journey and temptation passing by the town is so bad! this and that... here goes my pound...

So, to minimise the cost for the above but gonna spend huge sum as long term investment for this, tadaaaaa.... hehehe..

pa, i bought this so we can cycle to desa pandan soon..hahaha.. save energy, less CO2, save the world for cucu cicit..

thank u..
(the para above is just to justify my purchase today...)

October 04, 2009

Feel sorry for my kiddo...

Papa is not at home tonight, and kids are left at home with bibik... He's at Putrajaya for intensive Hajj course and he will be back tomorrow.. Hopefully everything is alright and all of them are doing fine! Insyaallah...