February 15, 2010

red is in the air...

i am sooooo into red...i love everything about red.. some chinese said red is Ong! and wiki defines red color as symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality.

so theme for my personal inventory list is red.. from shoe, phone, purse, bags, sweater, shirt and previous jazz too..almost everything..and best part is my kids love red too..

and the most recent things which i really fall in love with.. also red in color and i am so-so-so in love with this little bug! it's like love at first sight and i love each and every inch of it.. hopefully she will be mine forever, peacefully..coincident with Iman's request, she made a special request few days ago for another red ones!so here goes my next buddy, honey, sweetheart..

p/s: this is my valentine's gift!

February 14, 2010

darlings, happy valentine's day...

this heart is specially dedicated to darling hubby
miss u, miss u lotss..
and love u..
Happy Valentine's Day..

and to princess Iman & princess Ilham too... 
I love you all the most!