July 16, 2009

i'm Ilham...

this is the faces of Ilham... the mickey mouse & pwincesss fanatic!

July 15, 2009

potty train.. & its secret

Ilham is 29 months come this July. And yet she's so baby type with crying and hek huk hek all the time. It's just her! hehehe.. Papa's girl!

Last thursday i just instructed not to wear her nappy anymore due to her age and she said ok with it... (after few attempts failed before). So she began her day without nappy to school and managed to not peeing in her panty anymore. But there were few false signals to toilet too.. And today, after 7 days without her nappy, she's so comfortable without it and she's so discipline with her pee & poop in spite few unintentional incidents.

I am so happy for her progress. And wanna know the secret? If she behaves and she's GOOD without nappy, i'll bring her to Disneyland.. to see the Mickey Mouse! hahahaha...

Kid is just kid! If i knew, i would have offered this 5 months ago!

July 13, 2009

New Me?

After sessions of sharing of thoughts, story telling and brain wash, I consider myself transforming into being a Malaysia citizen with new perception towards everything in life. In term of own values and belief, mission and vision ahead.. and in general about our country.  I love Malaysia more now. Heh.. Bukan tak cinta kan Malaysia sebelum ni, tp kurang kesedaran. Been locked up with another 105 smart and naughty *bidai* has given me new insight about own capability and others specialty!

Be friend with very young entrepreneur with high dream (which I dream it too…), also a very fluent Literature chap going to Oxford Uni (no kidding! WOW), the cheeky sisters whom made all of us laugh all the times.. and loads of Manchester fan, Japan Phd candidates and lots more regardless of skin colors… it's such a great pleasure to get to know all of you.

Hope our friendship last forever & teruskan perjuangan...