March 30, 2010

what's next...

been thru this..

and this...

now.. experience this.. (early spring..)

can't wait for this..

and longing for this..

and the NEXT most wanted thing to do.... to fly back home and cuddle all of them..

Love u, miss u.. really!!


i am so conscious about getting wrinkle...
so i went out to Boots and get these....
Product Image

i am so conscious about the scratch marks here and there all over the body..
so i bought a big bottle of this to heal the marks..

i am thinking about life at the old age after watching Grey's Anatomy...
so i wrote those line as my facebook updates.. and freaked out one of my good friend.. hehehe.. sorry mate!

"...when u are getting old... all you got is a bunch of yesterdays and very few of tomorrows..."

i am really really wanting to have another baby...(wish for a boy this time)..
so i removed the IUD last week and started my researches in order to reach my goal...
and started to think how to trim down the excess mass now before accumulate a fresh one later..
and think of how to make?
and when?
 and do and don'ts?
come on babeh! come on..

and finally...
i really want to score in the next 4 modules for my Msc..
and i am reading all of them now!
Pray and wish me luck folks for all A's this semester!!!