June 11, 2009

Iman is not camera shy

one, done...

hah! i almost forgotten how about how to attend and to react to oral a.k.a speaking test... and i just did!

questions to me today:
1. what's ur full name
2. do u like to travel?
3. what u look for when u're travelling?
4. most recent trip if there's any? and what is it for?
5. who in your family is a good cook?
6. why you said so?
7. are u a good cook yourself..?
8. is it important for malaysian to eat together as a family?

well.. looking back at the Qs' that i've been interviewed are quite manageable... but due to lotsa butterflies in the stomach, mistakes surely happen.. and i just pray for the best... hehehehe...

wish me luck...

friends, doakan saya.. i got my speaking test today at 10am. Moga dipermudahkan dan berjaya menjawab dengan jayanya! AMIN...

June 09, 2009

IELTS Feverish...

I am having this so called IELTS Fever.. muahahahaha.. lock myself in the room and do exercises over exercises (online & books) since 4 am this morning.. The link on the banner above really helps in providing free and paid materials.. and it's so helpful.

God, please help me, get me scores band 8 and above!

IELTS Material..

Google for IELTS materials and found helpful resources from this site (click banner above)..
For those whose taking IELTS or searching for online material for IELTS, all can be found here.. pls have a look..