December 07, 2009

crossing the Irish sea...

belfast - wicklow - dublin - cork - dublin - belfast! been there done that! within 3 days and i am exhausted now. The journey was a mix of great but challenging. Only 2 of us - Ed and me whom finally made the trip to Ireland tour we called it.. Got lost and found everywhere due to poor signage. Thanks for tomtom Cik Ed which saved us too!

It was raining heavily in that sheepy island! all day raining and wet.. and we drove from county to county starting from Belfast City Airport towards Dublin and our final destination was Cork where my niece stayed! Thanks Ja & friends for nice stay at ur house!

But, the best part of it, the picturesque along the journey was really great with untouchable green fields over the slopes of the hills. It was like you are looking at paintings! it was there, the scenery was great! and i knew if my late father's still around, he might love this kind of places too.  

Pictures will be uploaded soon once i got it from Ed. My Sony gone haywire already!

where to next??

November 25, 2009

tired mind and soul...

i need to sleep!

good night all, even here is only 6:02pm.

November 19, 2009

Best Coffee in the entire world..

I have tasted all sorts of coffee so far from SF to Paris, Germany, Vietnam to Malaysia & Indonesia but i found this coffee to be the best coffee in the world..

Why i said this?
Without it today, my day was so flat and not happening.. and i am getting feverish symptoms too by now.. Blame it on the caffeine or the UK weather.. He he he..

But seriously, i recommend this coffee to all coffee lovers.

November 17, 2009

S.H.A.H.R.I.N.A means..

You Are Seductive and Ruthless

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know. You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out. Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia. Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long. You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

Your name is special.

November 08, 2009

wishing and hoping and praying...

next week, 18th. Nov. 2009  gonna be our 5th. anniversary..
wish, hope and pray for endless happiness and live happily ever after.. 
till death do us part...

November 06, 2009

after so long...

life here is getting busier and busier each day. My mind is working like never before, so many things to cope with especially tutorials and assignments and also class project. Right now i am screaming like mad for my Wind Farm project.. the MCP analysis (one of its terminalogy) has gone haywire and i do not know what's gone wrong.. Oh God!

Other than that, another interesting story gonna be -  i have moved to a new house with nice layout and big space. Huh! peace of mind. This is truly like living in UK. With big garden at the backyard, with roses planted everywhere.. Feel at home at least. The landlord is an engineer at 65 yrs old. So fatherly and educated. Kind and generous too. We will get new set of mattress tomorrow, Yeay!

What's next? I am longing for my weekend. I want to do some gardening at the backyard and also get a good sleep. Owh, by the way.. Winter Carboot is just started and the location is just 5 mins away from my house..

October 24, 2009

When red is in the air...

I like everything about colors, especially RED now!
I have my purse in red, my shoes in red, books, mobile phones, camera etc all in red..

and my latest craze is this.. tell you it's orange in color, it's pricey but i think it gonna worth every penny spent later on..

let's check it out..

and many more... hehehehe.. sapa nak??

Tie Rack - Autumn Release.. Square & Oblong + Perfumes...

Dear all, i have new batch of Tie Racks and Perfumes from UK for sale.. 
pls visit my garage sale blog for more details...

Tie Racks is its way to Malaysia already.. will be there sometime next week. 
I will inform once it reaches my agent in Malaysia.. hehehe

and Perfumes will be brought back personally during winter holiday... mid Dec 2009.. 
a month so from now.. due to weight + high postage price & also kat sini 
POS UK tgh mogok.. tak mo keje.. kang naya sangkut kat mana-mana.. 

Happy shopping luf!

October 21, 2009

Can't Take My Eyes Off ...

You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.
You'd be like Heaven to touch.
I wanna hold you so much.
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive.
You're just too good to be true.
Can't take my eyes off you.

 (scroll down please....)


October 19, 2009

Sheffield and the gifts from Doncaster Outlet

Was in sheffield during the weekend, at a friend house, Raihan.. She's been here for 3 yrs so and so knowledgeable about shopping! that's lovely... his hubby is into collecting royal albert, royal doulton and etc etc and she's into kids and girly thingy.. aahhh...

and 2 days in Sheffield is not enough, really! but have to make a quick holiday for the time constraint... arrived there on Saturday 10am.. and got quick brunch and off we go to Doncaster Outlet. Clarks shoes were amazing and lots a selection at unbeatable price.. look at my collection.. hehehee mine all in red, pink and choc and kids in white and pinkish shade..

Arnie, isn't lovely my pink and red pump? hehehehe.

2nd day just spent well at Sheffield town area... went to Meadowhall Shopping Center and again.. shopping spree at Tie Rack especially. Pick up 15 pieces of it for my biz. Pls check out or for selection.. hehehe

ok.. got to go to class. see u.

October 09, 2009

Walking is good but..

... took my energy, strength and courage more than everything, everytime i walk to class. The journey from any direction gonna be like endless from starting end to last end.. yes, it's the other end of the uni campus... walking down passing by the Forest Road, exit into Ashby road, enter the uni side gate, walk thru James France building, crossing the rugby fields and etc...  yes its an exercise, good good good.. hehehe

And the bad side of it, after i have loaded my mind with all sorts of knowledge in class and my body gets tired, so bus always the alternative. From campus to town cost about 1.50 per journey and temptation passing by the town is so bad! this and that... here goes my pound...

So, to minimise the cost for the above but gonna spend huge sum as long term investment for this, tadaaaaa.... hehehe..

pa, i bought this so we can cycle to desa pandan soon..hahaha.. save energy, less CO2, save the world for cucu cicit..

thank u..
(the para above is just to justify my purchase today...)

October 04, 2009

Feel sorry for my kiddo...

Papa is not at home tonight, and kids are left at home with bibik... He's at Putrajaya for intensive Hajj course and he will be back tomorrow.. Hopefully everything is alright and all of them are doing fine! Insyaallah...

September 29, 2009

Back to school...

I am back to school. Feel young at heart! Ha ha ha..  I have collected my ID, done with Visa scanning and other registration thingy..including course schedule etc. and this morning i am off to city center for Bank Registration etc.. i choose HSBC bank.

About the uni.. it’s a larger uni compares to UNITEN definitely.. and it’s green everywhere coz it located in the middle of wheat field (i guess)  and it’s university in town center. My house is located around half km from city center, within walking distance. and about one km to the uni..

Now,  am connected to the internet from uni library, which located just next few doors from my department.

Classes for today just over and i should get into gear 2 and get all basics knowledge polished... all about EE subjects - circuit, fluid, maths and etc..

So guys, am off to get some reading materials before its too late.. hehehe...

September 27, 2009

wakey wakey in loughborough..

I have arrived safely in London. Touched down yesterday morning thru Heathrow at 5:10am.. and bus picked up from airport around 11:30am, reach uni around 2:30pm and straight headed my friend's house - Anne's.

My first agenda was joining Raya Open House.. makan nasik beriani lagi tu.. got to know each other, some gossiping and left we back to the rumah tumpangan at around 6pm..

My nose is still adjusting to UK weather.. weather is so nice at around 10 degree C and slightly windy..

and today, our next agenda right after subuh prayer gonna be - Carboot Sale sementara ada.. Anne's going to bring me & Haida to Quorn CBS.. ye ye ye... tengok la nanti apa hasilnya.. and at 10, there's an appointment with the the house.. so all things will be moved out to new house today.. gonna be a busy day today and end with another Raya Open House at Markas katanya..

So that's all so far..

September 24, 2009

safely back in KL...

we are back in KL safe and sound.. hehehe... really a *great* Raya holiday with weddings and events everyday... wedding was superb with all giving full hands into it.. and mom definitely the happiest one! she gets Boy into the family, makdik gets a charming & sweet hubby (moga bahagia ke akhir hayat), Iman and Ilham get new Pak Chu (pronounce it like Iman's slang.. hahaha), Che Ni gotta chance to beraya puasa at PC.. all of us 7 siblings were there with in-laws and kids... teasing, laughing and grumbling were part of the events... thats what make the events so wonderful..

Inspite all the happy moments, there will be a 'sad but happy' moment to.. time to say  a temporary good bye to the family... dearest hubby darling and kids, mom and siblings & clan all for my next mission. My flight is confirmed on 25th. Sept 2009, 11:40pm from KLIA  to Heathrow.. ticket is still at MARA office still.. hehehehe...

But, before that i think i need good massage and good sleep too... people back home at PC, selamat meneruskan perjuangan la.. ho ho ho...

September 15, 2009

packing... and handover...

banyak nye nak packing... mana nak balik kampung... mana nak bawak gi UK..mana for hubby soon... uh oh uh oh... pening wei...

and last night we had a handover notes ceremony between me and hubby.. hehehe... since i was the company secretary at home, all come under me... all bills, kids school matters, Bangi house and etc.. so last night we had this long list saved in Word doc for his reference...

Sometimes, it's good to pass over all the domestic duties to the one so that he knew in and out of those... or else, every reply i got " Don't know!"


September 09, 2009

post office & sampul kad raya

i was in post office just now. got to send a parcel to a sis's friend. Meanwhile waiting for my turn i was stunned upon a lady with a bunch of kad raya which all already sealed with the stamp. Spontaneously i raised my eye and look straight at her.. while my mouth said "eh, kad raya" and my head whispered "ada lagi orang hantar kad raya ni?"

In conclusion, for me, kad raya is not a common thing anymore when it come around raya, it's an extraordinary now! sms and digital card are more popular now,  how technology has changed our lovely culture and impression!


just got back from Dr. Lim Miin Kang's clinic... at this hour with waiting time close to 3 hours.. hehehe.. nih normal for his clinic.. But that's not the point... I am totally relieved and happy from the result... Alhamdulillah!

September 05, 2009

Garage Sale 2 - Open for clearance

hurry hurry.. few more things to let go...

visit for pictures & info..

September 02, 2009

Jemputan Kenduri @ My House

Dear all,
Sesapa yang balik beraya di Kelantan during this raya festive and also sesapa yang pass by Kelantan during that raya festive.. pls drop by my house for my youngest sister wedding kenduri.. on 23rd. September 2009, lunch till dinner.. datang lah!

September 01, 2009

i win i win...

even two complimentary GSC tickets is also a win kan?

hahaha.. this prize's for Early Bird Prize Winner of DiGi MMS Speak Up Contest which was held in June 09 if not mistaken.. i blog about this monetary refund thingy with L**N..

For your info, only last Friday i got the refund after 6 phone calls..! Alhamdulillah...

August 31, 2009

menu of the day...

ni penyakit berpuasa or PMS? i dunno why i just feel like eating anything on earth...
and since yesterday, i already thought of today's menu. and presenting the menu of the day...

main dish - nasik kerabu kuning + kuah budu masak + ikan tongkol rebus goreng
desert - ketupat sotong
drink - barli
all time craving - cruchy cornflakes cookies..

sedap sangat and all turn out to be so yummy!

so what's next? hehehe..

August 24, 2009

snowy story..

The whole conversation below are genuine & real....

(morning scene- yesterday)

"mommy, it's snowy outside" Iman came and whispered to me...

"Hah, what? where got snowy here.. it's not snowy, but it's going to rain soon" mom said..

"yes mommy, it's snowy.. we in London now" Iman said.

" hah, dream la you..."

and then she ran away from me while kept on saying

"I go to London, i go to london..."


(evening scene- yesterday)

"mommy, can i eat snow"

"no you cannot" mommy replied

"yes i can, piggy eat the snow in my tv, i can too" iman said again..

In conclusion, she is really hoping that she can come along to London too..

August 21, 2009

cuppy fest... sempena 1 ramadhan..

look loook....

and this...

and this too...

sesapa nak order.. browse k'edina's blog

Smoe Fradiy rneaidg for eyvernoe. Hvae a gaert wekened!!!

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe can..

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

August 20, 2009

i can see the light...

i can see the light from the lhdn kg attap already.. hehehe.. finally the k$ing k$$ing is in process and at the respective officer's desk.

Why am i so happy?

I have called them since 2 months ago, approximately 5 calls been made already.. today it the 6th. call to them OK!

the first 4 calls answered given like this" have u made a call to us before? i can't see any note in the system and i will forward your request to the respective officer!" W.T.F with u guys!!!

The fifth call was answered differently... "There's a note in the system asking for your EA, can you please send to us for verification.." I sent to them by fax straight away and waited for 2 weeks (actually i totally gave up with them actually!!)

And today, after a friend of mine said that she got her refund last week after i asked her to call direct to the right cawangan for refund. And i called them, and it's in process already.. waaaa... lega.. lega...sikit la...

Ya Allah, percepatkan lah urusan ni... nak duit nak beli new lappy wei...hehehe...

August 17, 2009

doze off...zzz zzzz

got mc due to my morning sinus problem... sneezing and sneezing & sneezing till felt dizzy. drove thru Klinik Kita in Pandan Jaya as early as 7.30am and there you go.. one day MC, with a bag of various med.. esp flu, cough & fever.

August 16, 2009

Dress for the princess..

My girls ask for their princess dress everyday! and the utmost request is due to her aunt wedding soon.. So their dream is about being princess of the day too. Iman is extra special coz she gonna celebrate her 4th. birthday on 22 Sept and expecting a princess buffday party bash.. & another aunt's - Che Ngah promised a princess cake..

and her imagination runs wild and keeps on telling me and everybody around about her princess birthday party.. *haaaa.. kids these days...

and i believe same goes to Narissa too.. their cousin of same age group.. so, am starting my major projects earlier this morning by designing-cutting - and about to start sewing their so called 3-pieces- princess dress like this! wait for the result ya!

Ok.. hafta go back to my sewing machine..

others, who need the same dress, pls wait for your turn! ha ha ha..

August 13, 2009

worry & scary..

Ya Allah, jauhkan aku & seluruh ahli keluargaku dari bala & penyakit H1N1 ini. Mohon perlindungan kepada mu.

we're so scared and freaked out today since there are 2 confirm cases involving our Generation staff. One of them on the ground floor and the other one is 6th. floorian. I am at 4th floor. So we are waiting for necessary action by the management..

I vote for work from home! hehehe..

August 12, 2009

kerak untuk mak..a good story

this story was forwarded by a mommy's boy... a story to ponder.. shediiihhh...

------------------------enjoy your reding--------------------------

Hari ini semua adik beradik pulang beraya di Kuala Lumpur setelah beraya di kampung mertua. Ibu yang di KL agak kesunyian, tetapi setelah mendengar abang dan kakak-kakak hendak datang beraya ,ibu gagahi juga bangun pagi menggoreng nasi buat santapan pagi mereka yang akan datang nanti. Aku yang bongsu tinggal dirumah sambil menolong apa yang patut memerhati kegagahan ibu yang sememangnya aku tahu sakit dan bengkak kakinya semakin menjadi-jadi semenjak bulan puasa tempohari.

Aku minta untuk membantu ,"tak payah" katanya "biar mak yang buat nanti lain rasanya". Aku biarkan sahaja walau dalam hati terasa pedih dan sayu melihat kegagahan mak nak juga sediakan nasi goreng untuk anak-anaknya yang baru nak merayakan aidilfitri bersamanya.

Aku tahu disudut hati mak ada rasa sedih dan sayu kerana anak
lelakinya tak beraya bersama di pagi raya..tetapi langsung tidak
ditunjuk malah ingin pula menjamu anaknya. Terhinjut-hinjut mak kesana ke mari mengambil bahan-bahan nasi goreng. bukan main khusyuk dan bersungguh cuba menyediakan juadah yang semampunya. Bila semuanya dah sampai aku mula hidangkan nasi yang digoreng mak untuk abang dan kakak yang tiba dengan anak-anak mereka.

Semuanya pakat menjamu selera...memang berselera semua sukakan nasi goreng mak..mak tahu anak-anaknya sukakan nasi goreng air tangannya..Dalam tak sedar nasi dah hampir habis.Terdetik dihatiku... " ahhh mak belum makan apa-apa semenjak pagi
kerana sibuk sediakan nasi tu"... seraya tu abang ku bertanya 'siapa tak makan lagi nasi ni'.
Aku menjawab ' mak belum makan apa lagi tu' Mak dengan bersungguh menjawab " Ehh mak tak mau... tak lalulah nasi goreng, nak makan roti ja sat lagi'... dua tiga kali kami pelawa begitu juga jawabnya. Kata ku dalam hati." oohh mungkin juga mak nak makan roti sebab nak kawal penyakit diebetisnya" ..

Bila semua dah pulang..aku lihat mak terhinjut-hinjut kedapur....lantas aku tanya 'mak nak apa..nak ambilkan.'.' takpa nak rasa ni sikit'. Sayu sedih dan terguris sungguh hati aku..bila kulihat mak rupanya sedang mengikis kerak-kerak nasi goreng yang masih berbaki dalam kuali untuk dimakan.

Itulah kasih seorang ibu pada anak-anaknya.zaman sekarang pun masih ada ibu yang sanggup berlapar dan mendahulukan anak-anaknya asal mereka semua kenyang. Kami benar-benar kalah dengan apa yang kami saksikan.." YA RABB Engkau peliharalah Ibu kami, Ampunilah Dosanya, Berilah kekuatan pd anak-anaknya untuk membalas jasa ibu yang tak terhingga " .


16 days to go...

had a brief discussion with Gen Div CC - Bahagian Cuti just now..still got 37 days to go..
So my last day of service for this year gonna be on 08-09-09... (reserving one day off in between now to this date for unexpected things...).. so means i have to come to work for 16 days more..

and my official unpaid leave will start on 01-11-09 . NO PAY? uuwaaaaa....

MARA again.. & SS2 durian lunch

Just had a quick detour to MARA office to correct some silly initials thingy on my agreement. Had it done in 2 mins + 13 mins waiting time.. so all together 1 hours journey (inclusive of travelling & parking lah tu) hehehe...

Then my durian buddy called up, calling for quick & simple lunch at Kelab Kilat - roti bakar superb katanya.. but the idea was diverted into durian lunch at SS2. She agreed and off we went for all you can eat durian for RM9/person. This was our 2nd durian lunch so far and we had enough of doyan already. No more this year until next year Oct.. hehehe

Back to mara, hope everything is clear and tix + $$ will be ready soon. Amin!

August 11, 2009

Yesterday was Monday...

Monday always seems not to be the best day for me, at least.. Started with 3 boring hours of weekly departmental meeting with loads of unresolved thingy, then Mara re-visite for numerous count already which ended up with half day leave -secara terpaksa rela..

the chrono of events happened today..

1. Commission of oath at Pertama Complex - resisted to sign my agreement! How dare you!
2. 2nd C.o.o - asked me to wait for sometimes while he'd lunch somewhere nearby.. but this chap is friendly and recommended for other MARA students too! hehehe..
3. Damaged done in Aryani - just next doors to the waiting place RMxxx for 6 tudungs..*sigh*
4. Ran harshly to Mara to catch them just before their lunch but i failed! Reach there 3 mins late after the registration counter closed for lunch hour at 12.45noon. Dang!
5. Waited (not patiently) till 2 o'clock while having quick lunch of Untie Anne's hotdog!
6. Signature for mom's witness rejected! Pensioner needs to be verified by ADUN or Ketua Kampung... what la!!??? But managed to persuade them to get someone from JPA Pencen to verify.. Accepted! a call from MARA again at 4pm saying the initials on the agreement are not clear.. all 3 parties to sign (me & 2 witnesses) in case for every mistake in that agreement.. uuuuwwwwwwwaaaaa.. i am crying out loud!

what a day! Oh.. Ya Allah, i wish for better day today..

August 10, 2009

facelift & makeover...

over the weekend in between sewing and cooking and reading.. i surf the net for new look and design for blog skin. I so envy my friend's abstract design.. sooo attractive u!

So after rounds of trying and searching.. i found this skin and it's just love at first sight and it's just me! I love it.. because it is red pinkish and somekind of flowery.. girly looks.. but not too much.. hahaha... cantik kan?

Thumbs Up Jamal!

me and my sister got free tix to Jamal Abdillah Kembara Seniman show tonight (last night eh?).. what a rezeki tersepak. Thanks k'Mona..and the show was superb! at the age of 49, he never sounded like one. His voice is so powerful and well maintain! He reminded me of my very young days thru his songs..serious..

"Mengapa mesti ada perasaan benci. Kerana cinta dan percaya luput dalam perasaan. Marilah kasih ......" is still lingering in my head now.." azura, tidurlah permaisuri etc..

cayalah Jamal!

August 09, 2009

MARA forms..

i'll be there tomorrow for settling the agreement thingy. when i was filling up all the forms and agreements (5 copies), i wrote the same thing again and again and again... the name, address and course titles etc.. why can't we just move into paperless and do it online.

It's tiring to write it again and again... or am i just being off from school so long already?

So i vote for Online Registration lah..

August 08, 2009


Congratulation to Nurul for his wedding on this wonderful date, today.. a good date combination to be remembered..

August 06, 2009

she ain't with me anymore...

she's gone! she's gone.. i have to let her go...
sob sob sob...

hope she will get better owner than me! uuuwaaa....

August 04, 2009

safe and sound...

we are back to our healthy normal happy life. Iman and ilham are coughing free.. and it really ease my worries of that H1N1 symptoms etc.. hehehe...

July 29, 2009

down with fever & cough cough cough..

4 out of five in the house are down with flu and cough.. who's the lucky one? 0f course papa lah! And he's away to Kuantan for 2 days..

Ilham started it with normal light cough, then spread it to Iman. Iman is coughing prone and once she got it, it will come in package - cough, phlegm and the worst- pneumonia. Then ilham's temp shoot up to 39C yesterday evening around 3pm.. Me? was in office till 2pm with bad cough all the way. Went to dispensary at 2pm and got loads of medicines... finally all of us cought flu and cough by now.

July 28, 2009

my Jazz got new maam?

Wait.. till i see the cheque.. hehehe

Cottons in collection...

I got all the cottons here from Bandung trips & Singapore recently.. Really love the colors.. So colorful and make my day...

Ilham and Iman are thinking and wishing for few dress design already... yes, dear.. yours on the way! And another one for Hannah - tunggu yea Hannah...

July 23, 2009

Honda Jazz 1.5(A) IDSI 2005(REG) For Sale

Have to let it go.. sob sob...

i am putting up ads online to let go my red jazzy... it breaks my heart but i have to let it go.. as am leaving soon to study abroad.

So anyone interested to buy, please call me soonest possible...012-2248104

Specifications for the Red Jazz:

Honda Jazz 1.5(A) IDSI - July 2005(REG)

Red in color,

Mileage around 100,000 km ,

Acc free, rear spolier added,

Fully tinted with high quality from Rike Cool, Nice no plate WNA1978

Fully maintain by honda service center,

July 22, 2009

Reflection... fun reading :)

Dear IT Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a slow down in the overall performance, particularly in the flower,gifts and jewellery applications that had operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0.

In addition, Husband 1.0 un-installed many other valuable programs, such as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5, but installed undesirable programs such as Formula One 5.0, NBA 3.0 and World Cup 2.0.

And now Conversation 8.0 no longer runs and House Cleaning 2.6 simply crashes the system.
I've tried running Nagging 5.3 to fix these problems, but to no avail. What can I do?

Desperate Housewife


Dear Desperate Housewife,

First keep in mind:

Boyfriend 5.0 is an entertainment package, while Husband 1.0 is an operating system.

Try entering the command C:\ I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME and download Tears 6.2 to install Guilt 3.0 ..

If all works as designed, Husband 1.0 should then automatically run the applications Jewellery 2.0 and Flowers 3.5.

But remember, overuse can cause Husband 1.0 to default to Grumpy Silence 2.5, Happy Hour 7.0 or Late Night Teh Tarik 6.1. Late Night 6.1 is a very bad program that will create SnoringLoudly.wav files.

Whatever you do, DO NOT install Mother-in-Law 1.0 or reinstall another Boyfriend program. These are not supported applications and will crash Husband 1.0.

In summary, Husband 1.0 is a great program, but it does have a limited memory and cannot learn new applications quickly.

You might consider additional software to improve memory and performance. I personally recommend Hot Tasty Food 3.0 and Tongkat Ali 6.9.

Good Luck,
IT Support

July 16, 2009

i'm Ilham...

this is the faces of Ilham... the mickey mouse & pwincesss fanatic!

July 15, 2009

potty train.. & its secret

Ilham is 29 months come this July. And yet she's so baby type with crying and hek huk hek all the time. It's just her! hehehe.. Papa's girl!

Last thursday i just instructed not to wear her nappy anymore due to her age and she said ok with it... (after few attempts failed before). So she began her day without nappy to school and managed to not peeing in her panty anymore. But there were few false signals to toilet too.. And today, after 7 days without her nappy, she's so comfortable without it and she's so discipline with her pee & poop in spite few unintentional incidents.

I am so happy for her progress. And wanna know the secret? If she behaves and she's GOOD without nappy, i'll bring her to Disneyland.. to see the Mickey Mouse! hahahaha...

Kid is just kid! If i knew, i would have offered this 5 months ago!

July 13, 2009

New Me?

After sessions of sharing of thoughts, story telling and brain wash, I consider myself transforming into being a Malaysia citizen with new perception towards everything in life. In term of own values and belief, mission and vision ahead.. and in general about our country.  I love Malaysia more now. Heh.. Bukan tak cinta kan Malaysia sebelum ni, tp kurang kesedaran. Been locked up with another 105 smart and naughty *bidai* has given me new insight about own capability and others specialty!

Be friend with very young entrepreneur with high dream (which I dream it too…), also a very fluent Literature chap going to Oxford Uni (no kidding! WOW), the cheeky sisters whom made all of us laugh all the times.. and loads of Manchester fan, Japan Phd candidates and lots more regardless of skin colors… it's such a great pleasure to get to know all of you.

Hope our friendship last forever & teruskan perjuangan...

July 04, 2009

i am blogging using...


as part of preparation for my MSc bla bla bla.. and now in process of familiarization with it. hehehe..alasan semata..hahaha...

and the best deal is i got that for RM899 only!

July 02, 2009

yeah yeah yea...

finally my approval letter is out for unpaid leave thingy... even after 2 days of it's due date.. So another trip to MARA this evening lah!

Dude, i can see the UK sun now... hehehe

June 30, 2009

Dude, where's my letter???

am waiting and waiting...

dude, where's my letter.... i need it....

help... help....

June 26, 2009

yeay yeah...

owh... Alhamdulillah...

i pass my IELTS as Good User...

UK, wait for me... hehehe

June 19, 2009

LHDN & the cheque story...

A promise had been announced to the public to refund all the amount within a month or as soon as possible after each of us Malaysian declared our previous year tax. But nonetheless, i haven't received anything, even a single note saying that your tax submission is in process or something more like it...

Sir, Where is my cheque? Show me the $$$$$$$$$....

Arrrggghhhh... don't promise if you can't keep it!

June 16, 2009

hubby got it too...

Alhamdulillah, hubby got his scholarship for masters too, for local uni... so how now brown cow?

June 11, 2009

Iman is not camera shy

one, done...

hah! i almost forgotten how about how to attend and to react to oral a.k.a speaking test... and i just did!

questions to me today:
1. what's ur full name
2. do u like to travel?
3. what u look for when u're travelling?
4. most recent trip if there's any? and what is it for?
5. who in your family is a good cook?
6. why you said so?
7. are u a good cook yourself..?
8. is it important for malaysian to eat together as a family?

well.. looking back at the Qs' that i've been interviewed are quite manageable... but due to lotsa butterflies in the stomach, mistakes surely happen.. and i just pray for the best... hehehehe...

wish me luck...

friends, doakan saya.. i got my speaking test today at 10am. Moga dipermudahkan dan berjaya menjawab dengan jayanya! AMIN...

June 09, 2009

IELTS Feverish...

I am having this so called IELTS Fever.. muahahahaha.. lock myself in the room and do exercises over exercises (online & books) since 4 am this morning.. The link on the banner above really helps in providing free and paid materials.. and it's so helpful.

God, please help me, get me scores band 8 and above!

IELTS Material..

Google for IELTS materials and found helpful resources from this site (click banner above)..
For those whose taking IELTS or searching for online material for IELTS, all can be found here.. pls have a look..

June 03, 2009

Back to KL ground, means...

i should be continuing...

1. PI Training for new Engineers..
2. Send out application for unpaid leave to TNB management..
3. Settle anything for MARA SPC..
4. IELTS study.. study...
5. Normal routine with hubby and kids & housechores..
6. Sewing.. so many things to do now in que... hehehe...
7 and above..... and a lot more to do...

CRV story...

Just got back from Kelantan for my youngest sister engagement. Congrats to Makdik & Boy on your engagement. Hopefully both of you will sail the ship together forever thru good and bad times. And for us, our journey back home this time was not a lucky one and was spoiled by that pakcik Nazaria.. Really spoiled our mood!

Papa's car was rammed from back by the Nazaria which was driven by a lousy Nazaria driver! Ada ke patut, dah tahu nak travel malam and some more long distance, dia amik ubat SELSEMA! Hey, who is your doc who prescribed that medicine?. Ubat Selsema clearly meant for rest & sleep. And normally there's a sticker on the medicine pack written with " Do Not Drive After Taking This Medicine, can cause sleepiness and drowsy!"

So here's the story...
We started our journey fresh and early on last Saturday morning at 3.45am. Hubby slept early that nite as good as 8.15pm just to make sure he's fresh and energetic to drive for good 6-8 hours to reach home. Kids and i were longing for this trip too.. As we approached Felda Chiku 3 Gua Musang around 8am, and kids just woke up from their sleep, Ilham asking for me to brought her to my lap from her seat. So i took her on my lap. Meanwhile Iman was released from her seat for some kind of light exercise just to ensure that she's not that tired from seating all the way from KL...She did some exercise and brought back herself to her seat unbuckled!

2 cars in front of us slowed down their cars and we did too. Suddenly papa was shouting Kereta tu kereta tu while his eyes was staring directly into the back mirror and i started to hold Ilham closest to my body and.... Dummmmm.... a loud bang landed on our CRV boot. Oh Damn It! Luckily Iman and Ilham are safe. Papa handled the steering with excellent - no skidding or anything and Bibik was protecting Iman with her hands so that she's stayed on her seat. Alhamdulillah.

Right after papa slowed down and stopped by roadside, i grabbed ilham and got out from the car and straight went to the Nazaria and spontaneously shouted to the driver " Pakcik tak reti nak break kereta ke?" My face was red and i was really mad. The wife came out and said this to me "dia ngantuk dia, dia makan ubat selsema..".. DAMN again! Makan ubat selsema and drive is equally like driving with alcohol effect.

To cut short, look at the photo below for the damage done by that sleepy driver.

So moral of the story, please think about others too while driving esp on the long journey. We took all the precautions needed but someone else gives us that big trouble. Sudah tersurat kot!

To conclude, that pakcik was fine with RM300 saman and we'll get 3rd party Insurance Claimed! and we are handicapped this week with only one car left. The CRV was sent to Kah's Repair Center for extensive repairs and we hope that we get it back as good as before. We ask the Repair Center to change a whole new set of the bonnet flip, bumpers and sides skirting.

May 26, 2009

Post Bandung Fever

My mom and sisters gone nuts in Bandung Pasar Baru... Spent more than 8 Millions (Rupiah yea!) in that Pasar Baru itself for 2 consecutive days.

On the first day, Agus picked us up at the Airport and we headed straight to Simpang Raya for Nasik Padang luncheon.. Fuh! it was superb. Then, we checked in a small hotel, Hotel Serena (due to last minute arrangement, room unavailable at Grand Serela). It was fine with this hotel at rate RM90/night in term of location and cleanliness.. Anyway, we only need a room to put our bags and sleep..

Then, right after that, we headed to Pasar Baru until they closed the shutter at 5.30pm. Next morning, as early as 8.30am, we already in Pasar Baru for the 2nd time..bought anything we wish for and left the PB around 3pm.. muahahaha...

Our best catch during this trip:
1. Cottons - bundle of this...
2. lace for sister's wedding...
3. other kain
4. kebaya etc...

so guys, worth going there.. but bear in mind.. don't go during school holiday, the city will be so 'macet' and you lose your time on the road.. and definitely there will be zillions of people in the Pasar Baru too... penin.. penin...

IELTS Registration...

IELTS oh IELTS.. Finally i manage to get a place to sit for the exam in June.. hah! What a relief! Manage to get a seat thru IDP@ Subang Jaya on 13th. June 2009. Meaning to say that i have have to score with excellent this time. God bless me!

So now, time to study IELTS lor...

May 19, 2009


This morning, i was trying to get a place for toefl test somewhere in June but i failed! yes i failed to get a place due to unavailability... Bit panicked and started to call Mabecs for SOS and some info and they asked me to check out for IELTS.

Yes...there's still some space for me to sit for IELTS in June and i am going for it. Tomorrow am gonna go to the British Council at Wisma Dredging and put up my application together with $$$ for the fee. A handsome amount for the fee weih.... takper la.. demi Ilmu ku korbankan jua... hahaha... i choose 13 Jun as my 1st choice and 20th. June as 2nd date.. We'll see...

So dude, wish me (doakan banyak-banyak) for me to pass the test with flying colors.. Amin!

May 18, 2009

just can't wait.

Oh no.. it's Monday! Oh please... comes Friday...
Bandung trip again... yuhuuu...

But with H1N1 fast spreading globally.. we are bit worried but just pray to God to keep us away from that! Amin...

monday bluesss..

help me, help's Monday and
my monday blues and PMS are on-going now!
too lazy to do anything..
my mind is idle.

what to do?

May 17, 2009

treasure and leisure on weekend..

yuhuuu... have been committed to my sewing machine lately.. for more stories, pls browse here

May 16, 2009

oh God!

I started to feed my angels mind about my *plan* study trip to UK by this September after i got that MARA Sponsorship reply last week. Iman keeps on telling me i wanna go to London, i wanna go to London, meanwhile Ilham is listening with curious look and end up the silence with - nak itut gak.. lam nak itut gak.. Arrggghhhh... i need to feed and bribe them more and more each day!

As for papa, he just give me a statement: "For the time being, i just feel like don't wanna go, you can proceed with your plan and we'll(him, kids and bibik) stay here...

Yeay.. but my mom plak keeps on asking..and citing this... kecian budak2 tu nak kena tinggal satu tahun...! Ah.. Ma, it's only 12 months.. not that long and nowadays we can just keep in touch thru Skype, Google Talk etc for free.. So we still can talk and get connected virtually thru that.. it's just that we can't touch each other for temporary! hehehe.. And i'll make them to visit me once or twice when i am there.. Airasia kan ada.. tukang pom tayar Airasia will help us get that discounted ticket sooooonnn..! hahaha...

And papa, thanks for now for the green light.. 12 months break is not that long but believe me this break will bring more sparks and colors in our relationship later..

"Ya Allah, i want this, i want this..."

May 15, 2009

My Passions..

i am passionate about sewing...
sewing my angels dresses, skirts and etc..

i am passionate about cooking & baking...
cooking all sorts of foods,
baking muffin and cakes,
baking pita bread and such...

i am passionate in reading..
reading anything from story books, university prospectus (ehem! ehem!), newspaper and etc..

why suddenly? Am i growing mature? hahaha

May 14, 2009

most awaiting...

The result is OUT, it's on my PC screen...


No. Kad Pengenalan : 780717035500
Peringkat : SARJANA
Keputusan : BERJAYA

Alhamdulillah... So what's next?


the other half...

officially up.. but not yet running!
wait ya!

counting days...

i'm counting days for my 3rd trip to Bandung...! i really love Bandung and our days and nights there are specifically for shopping. On top of it, 3 of us - me, my youngest sis and our banker? (our mom) will be in Bandung for 3 days 2 nites. time...

Days and night will be in Pasar Baru and FO around Bandung... lists of things to buy are endless already..

Just can't wait!

May 13, 2009

the coughing family...

sounds funny but seriously speaking it's so annoying to hear the sound of coughing in every corner of the house. Started with papa.. then me (of course for sharing the bed! hahaha)... then Iman (for having same blood type with me!) and then this morning... slowly heard Ilham cough intermittently!

What a coughing family! Our cough syrup stocks already out of stock. I need to stock up that syrup this evening or else we cannot sleep tonight. But meanwhile few traditional remedies we have tried too...such as Honey, Lemon & honey, extra hot water, Asam Boi Juice, Asam Jawa Juice and etc.. but nonetheless we still ehek ehek, guung guuung, ehek ehek, guuung guuung...

Any other remedy suggestion folk?

May 07, 2009

Lola got her portion too...

Lola is my daughter's baby! hahaha...
Ilham needs her whenever she wants to sleep. Kalo takde Lola jenuh nangis.. *sigh...*

She came with pink pyjama suit but Ilham likes to undress her... and eversince i couldn't find where's the my dear papa once suggested to me to sew a similar dress to Lola too...

So, i am presenting Lola in her new dress... hahahaha...

May 06, 2009

i want to eat....

i am fasting today and i am craving for ..

Vienna cheese cake by Secret Recipe
Rojak mamak in front of Bangsar Petronas Station
Rojak buah pakcik apek at old Bangsar MPH corner
Italianies pizza on my friend's blog

.. hah... so yummmyyyy....


Loughborough is calling...

ding dong...

got an offer letter from Loughborough U, the awaited ones!

but where is MARA?... MARA tell me... tell me... hehehehe...

yeay... welcome to UK..

May 05, 2009

tricky math...

Korang dan 2 orang kawan pergi makan malam kat satu restoran. Supaya tak nampak macam korang ni pokai, korang kutip siap2 RM10 sorang. Jadi bila nak bayar nanti, sorang je la yang bayar.

RM10 x 3 = RM30.

Dipendekkan cerita, selepas selesai bersantap, korang pun panggil pelayan restoran untuk kira harga. Setelah dikira, harga makan malam korang malam tu berjumlah RM25. Jadi korang pun keluarkan duit RM30 yang korang dah kutip tu dan serah kepada pelayan. Sebagai baki pelayan tu pulangkan RM5.

RM30 - RM25 = RM5.

Untuk tak memeningkan kepala nak membahagikan RM5 tu kepada 3 orang, korang pun hadiahkan RM2 kepada pelayan tu.

RM5 - RM2 = RM3.

Kesimpulannya, baki RM3 tu korang bahagi 3. Dapatlah sorang RM1.

RM3 / 3 = RM1.



Secara logiknya bila korang keluarkan RM10 dan dapat balik RM1, bermakna korang dah belanja RM9.

Kalau RM9 kali dengan 3 orang, bermakna jumlahnya RM27. Ye tak?

RM27 kalau dicampur balik dengan RM2 yang korang hadiah kat pelayan tu, akan jadi RM29. Betul?

Mana pulak pergi nya RM1 lagi...

April 29, 2009

gatai tangan kanan...

when i was young, my late grandma used to say... kalo gatal tangan kanan, nak dapat duit tu!... so i am gatai tangan kanan now! but i don't think that i will get the money, but my hands are gatal to sew something...

this morning during my break from this workshop session, i found this skirt.. jeng jeng jeng.... i think i can use all remnants that i have to make this skirt.. cute isn't it?

April 26, 2009

kru-cheyy.. part2

this hand craft really bring peace of mind.. while doing it, you forget anything around you! i like it! hehehe

am a beginner in this too.. trying to read the pattern from an ol' yellowish book - pass down from my eldest sister-in-law to my eldest sister and it's with me now! I guess the age of the book is nearly 50yrs old!

enjoy my not-so-nice-yet kru-cheyy! hehehe..

Farra...yours is ready dear...

managed to finish dear Farra's dress by today 7pm.. what a busy day today.. in and out from the house since morning and only managed to sit on my sewing table by 5.30pm after coming back from Iman's class!

all yours dear! enjoy it. Ar, come and pick it up!

the other one belongs to ilham... stuck at the chest upward! still thinking and browsing for ideas how to finish it! hehehe..

April 23, 2009

a new yellow dress...

another yellow dress for Iman...and Ilham to melaram with her yellow polkadot!

one two go...

just got one good news from Heriot-Watt University.. an acceptance letter for MSc of Renewable Energy for intake 14 September 2009. Yeay!

Waiting for MARA reply tomorrow..!

April 20, 2009

dresses to sew..

the ready to sew pieces are waiting for me..! i just need to find time to sew..
2 dresses to go, one for Ilham & one for Arnie's Farra! Wait yea...

Something like this, minus the long pant! :)

tiered skirt or twirl skirt...

over the weekend, despite of the arrival of my mom & get together makan-makan with the siblings.. i manage to sew 3 pieces of tiered skirt for my angels and my niece, Narissa. The colors scheme - pinky, red and yellow shades...

This is the skirt that i sew for 3 of them, 3 diff combinations, but same shades...

the minute taker..

hate it or like it? no to be the minute taker for this month of April..

the meeting about to end, and on top of the MOM writer.. i also need to think about Janji IKRAR for Operation staff... my ideas:

" I swear i will ensure that the Unplanned Outage Rate will increase for all Generation Power Plant" 'quoted from IKRAR statement'..

Increase Unplanned Outage Rate = More trippings!
with this, we can just sit back and relax.. hahahaha...

April 17, 2009

done danggggg!

hmmm.. a short and easy one..
got it or not?



lotsa butterflies in my stomach....
i hate this..
i hate this...

Ya Allah, permudahkan segala urusanku...Amin!

April 16, 2009

not yet out..

Mara oh MARA, the result has been postponed to 24th. April 2009.. another week to wait.. sabar je la...

land of cameron highlands..

i reached here slightly after 4pm yesterday, dropped by at the Kea Farm for my finger licking Cameron Highland green orangy orange fruits. Once there, i wanted everything.. from the fresh veges, oranges, jagungs and also the strawberry for cik Iman. She loves Strawberry very much.

Spent around RM70 altogether, and brought all into my Jazzy boot, and suddenly this one chap walked passed spontaneously said " nak balik jual kat KL ke?"

huh, whatt... was that too much? hahahaha...

April 15, 2009

the next 3 hours..

I went to my sister's place and told her my plan to go to Jln San Peng - to checkout after 2 shops which really haunted me since a month ago.. One shop is the Fabrics Supplier and the next door is Kedai Alat Jahitan & Aksesori.

Both agreed and we were there right at 10am. The Fabrics Supplier shop sells fabrics in roll or bundle and each bundle goes around 40 yards or so..and some can cut based on your needs selling at RM5/metre.. Found few good cottons for our next projects.. hahaha.. and burnt out a total of RM170 at the first shop!

Next visit - kedai Alat Jahitan & Aksesori.. this shop makes us crazy.. all sorts of things selling in bundle. They sells buttons in varieties of colors, sorts of needles, threads and etc.

After browsing in the 2 shops, the clock was alredy 12.15noon and i was late to clock in the office.. So that's why i got to apply for day emergency leave..

Hah hah hah hah haaa....

start of yesterday...

yesterday my red jazzy was sick. One of her back tyre puncture and it costs me one day emergency leave... :(

i dressed up in purple top to toe, got into the car and started my journey out to office.. suddenly this Pak Ali was running towards my car and started knocking on my car.. and i stopped and wind down the window, " Pn.. tayar belakang pancit la.." hhah! what a day! hubby wasn't around- outstation in Trolak till Wed.. and i didn't even have single experience to do this..

Called hubby just to get some ideas of what to do.. and his resolution was - called the Honda Service Center.. and in an hour time, the same Chinese Man whom rescued my jazzy's car battery was helping me with the tyre. Thanks mr. fix it!

It was around 9.15am already, and it was too late to go to the office and i would rather settling the tyre thingy soonest possible cause i'm going out of town to land of Cameron Highland today...went to tyre shop and get the tyre fix (tampal) and cost me RM5. Huh.. the trouble wasn't worth the amount needed to fix it!

then.. what else to do? i still got 3 hours to go..

it's out...

Today gonna be the day when i'll receive 2 good? or bad? news...

jeng jeng jeng...

firstly in the morning, i got this early call from Group HR.. inviting for interview on the 17th, morning.. ahahaha.. 3rd. interview for managerial post (what a loser! huhuhu)..So wish me luck mate for this time!

and secondly, the MARA spc result is out sometime today.. as of now, not yet onlined! will check it later.. Wish me luck too.. hope both gonna be GOOD NEWS.. hahaha.. and both gonna be the best catch of the year.. hahahaha

April 10, 2009

the crochet & dresses...

kalau dah mabuk, gini lah jadiknya.. yesterday during lunch hour sempat lagi ke SS2 looking for Yee Button Craft Shop.. found it! and there are lotz of Japanese & American cottons inside & also other sewing kits.. but bit pricey.. so jamu mata ajer..

and tgh gatal tangan nak buat Crochet (sebutan: kru-cheeyy) thinking of sewing few more dresses this coming weekend..So dah beli benangnya color deep pink and chocolate.. thinking some cute patch on angels dresses or headband..

and to sew more dresses too.. which one yang lawa?

yang ini?

dan ini?

or yang ini?


April 05, 2009

the polka dots..

my weekend almost over!

but.. i have done something good u know.. my project over the weekend..

check out the peektures below.. taaarrrrraaaaa

tersengeh tuan punya dress with her own color choice.. I like red!

another pose from the red angel... and her little sister's dress..

where's the owner? owhh.. she's sleeping..... hehehe

the back part of the yellow polka dots dress..