July 23, 2008

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Beyond Our Shores

Read NST newspaper (Life & Times) yesterday after long hour of conducting training in the suburb of Manjung had click my mind...about...

1. what am i doing?
2. do i really like this job?
3. why don't i get to do something like...

I read about this retired teacher, a veteran lady whom like to travel around the world and make a living by jotting down the all the experiences and whatever she came through during her trips. Back at home, she churned all the notes into nice story line and book it & sell it. Ha ha ha...

Hmm...that reminds me of my evergreen dream to be part of the team for Travel & Living channel contributors... I want to be another Ian Wright or Samantha Brown.. here comes our new traveller Rina Abdullah.. ha ha ha.. dream dream dream..

Well, back to our topic, actually.. there are lots of thing you can make do in your life actually. Never tell a person that u got nothing to do, so no money. There are many ways to do it weeeiii... But we just need to open our eye, ear and mouth bigger a bit only.

And back to my three Qs', i think whenever i am out of job, tak kira la study leave, or pencen ke... i'll do this- travel and try make a living from this hobby. How i wish...