December 07, 2009

crossing the Irish sea...

belfast - wicklow - dublin - cork - dublin - belfast! been there done that! within 3 days and i am exhausted now. The journey was a mix of great but challenging. Only 2 of us - Ed and me whom finally made the trip to Ireland tour we called it.. Got lost and found everywhere due to poor signage. Thanks for tomtom Cik Ed which saved us too!

It was raining heavily in that sheepy island! all day raining and wet.. and we drove from county to county starting from Belfast City Airport towards Dublin and our final destination was Cork where my niece stayed! Thanks Ja & friends for nice stay at ur house!

But, the best part of it, the picturesque along the journey was really great with untouchable green fields over the slopes of the hills. It was like you are looking at paintings! it was there, the scenery was great! and i knew if my late father's still around, he might love this kind of places too.  

Pictures will be uploaded soon once i got it from Ed. My Sony gone haywire already!

where to next??