May 13, 2010

Four seasons...

four seasons - always interesting to me.. never had this experience before and this is my first time to experience complete seasons this year.. enjoy the pictures..

autumn 2009

winter 2009 -2010

Spring 2010
*same spot with winter picture kat atas.. 
summer pictures - not there yet!

cun tak? :)

May 12, 2010

high heels for my princesses

i found this in ASDA yesterday..

and they are so excited for that.. a pair of princess high heel for both of them..

what's their another wish? make up set...*sigh!! every girl's need!
They've grown up in their own ways! How time flies...

why.. why.. why...

i struggled hard and produced my best report for my biomass assignment, but still got a B for that? I am so frustrated! I want an excellent one... nih rasa nak makan nih...