April 16, 2010

a journey to turkeye..

I was in Turkeye last week for 5 days and it was such a good one.. would be more enjoyable if i gotta hubby and kids came along.. but with God's will.. we'll be there one day..

Blue Mosque is so great! i love every inch of it.. internal & external.. this mosque shows that Islamic influence and our artistry skill is sooo great.. then came to Dolmabache Palace.. my oh my, this super huge palace is too good to be true! gold plated arch, 3D painting on the domes and a plus point here for a student - please get ISIC card before visiting here.. u only have to pay 1Turk Lira instead of 20Turk Lira with this card! what a saving!

Istanbul is really nice and have superb views & great places to visit .. they have stunning historical palaces and mosque to visit to and also the Grand Bazaar, Mahmut Pasha and spice market to spend all your money..  :)

We were there just i time for annual Tulips Festival and tulips bloomed from every corner of the Istanbul city with various colors and shapes.. And visiting Istanbul this time around (early April) is the best time and recommended for those whom planning to do so... bright and shiny, with 12-15degC.. soothing weather! A denim jacket with a newly bought Pashmina are enough to wrap ur body!

Hammam? i went to Cemberlitas Hammam for experience sake.., well shouldn't explain much.. please google for this.. hehehehe..

Shopping? i have limitation to shop here.. budget was pretty tight but the temptation was too strong to resist.. scarf Tie Rack like was just barely 10Turk Lira, their signature light and lantern around 30-200Turk Lira.. and lot more good things to buy.. 

i got visitors..

zairin & hubby visited loughborough, warwick university to reminiscence their sweet old days.. and they visited me! thanks for the dinner... hope u guys have fun! but today i read from the net that no flight gonna landed and departed from few European countries including UK due to Iceland volcanic eruption.. so highly likely they get stranded too.. so what to do?? hehehe more shopping ker?