July 29, 2009

down with fever & cough cough cough..

4 out of five in the house are down with flu and cough.. who's the lucky one? 0f course papa lah! And he's away to Kuantan for 2 days..

Ilham started it with normal light cough, then spread it to Iman. Iman is coughing prone and once she got it, it will come in package - cough, phlegm and the worst- pneumonia. Then ilham's temp shoot up to 39C yesterday evening around 3pm.. Me? was in office till 2pm with bad cough all the way. Went to dispensary at 2pm and got loads of medicines... finally all of us cought flu and cough by now.

July 28, 2009

my Jazz got new maam?

Wait.. till i see the cheque.. hehehe

Cottons in collection...

I got all the cottons here from Bandung trips & Singapore recently.. Really love the colors.. So colorful and make my day...

Ilham and Iman are thinking and wishing for few dress design already... yes, dear.. yours on the way! And another one for Hannah - tunggu yea Hannah...