April 29, 2009

gatai tangan kanan...

when i was young, my late grandma used to say... kalo gatal tangan kanan, nak dapat duit tu!... so i am gatai tangan kanan now! but i don't think that i will get the money, but my hands are gatal to sew something...

this morning during my break from this workshop session, i found this skirt.. jeng jeng jeng.... i think i can use all remnants that i have to make this skirt.. cute isn't it?

April 26, 2009

kru-cheyy.. part2

this hand craft really bring peace of mind.. while doing it, you forget anything around you! i like it! hehehe

am a beginner in this too.. trying to read the pattern from an ol' yellowish book - pass down from my eldest sister-in-law to my eldest sister and it's with me now! I guess the age of the book is nearly 50yrs old!

enjoy my not-so-nice-yet kru-cheyy! hehehe..

Farra...yours is ready dear...

managed to finish dear Farra's dress by today 7pm.. what a busy day today.. in and out from the house since morning and only managed to sit on my sewing table by 5.30pm after coming back from Iman's class!

all yours dear! enjoy it. Ar, come and pick it up!

the other one belongs to ilham... stuck at the chest upward! still thinking and browsing for ideas how to finish it! hehehe..