September 09, 2009

post office & sampul kad raya

i was in post office just now. got to send a parcel to a sis's friend. Meanwhile waiting for my turn i was stunned upon a lady with a bunch of kad raya which all already sealed with the stamp. Spontaneously i raised my eye and look straight at her.. while my mouth said "eh, kad raya" and my head whispered "ada lagi orang hantar kad raya ni?"

In conclusion, for me, kad raya is not a common thing anymore when it come around raya, it's an extraordinary now! sms and digital card are more popular now,  how technology has changed our lovely culture and impression!


just got back from Dr. Lim Miin Kang's clinic... at this hour with waiting time close to 3 hours.. hehehe.. nih normal for his clinic.. But that's not the point... I am totally relieved and happy from the result... Alhamdulillah!