November 06, 2009

after so long...

life here is getting busier and busier each day. My mind is working like never before, so many things to cope with especially tutorials and assignments and also class project. Right now i am screaming like mad for my Wind Farm project.. the MCP analysis (one of its terminalogy) has gone haywire and i do not know what's gone wrong.. Oh God!

Other than that, another interesting story gonna be -  i have moved to a new house with nice layout and big space. Huh! peace of mind. This is truly like living in UK. With big garden at the backyard, with roses planted everywhere.. Feel at home at least. The landlord is an engineer at 65 yrs old. So fatherly and educated. Kind and generous too. We will get new set of mattress tomorrow, Yeay!

What's next? I am longing for my weekend. I want to do some gardening at the backyard and also get a good sleep. Owh, by the way.. Winter Carboot is just started and the location is just 5 mins away from my house..

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