May 19, 2009


This morning, i was trying to get a place for toefl test somewhere in June but i failed! yes i failed to get a place due to unavailability... Bit panicked and started to call Mabecs for SOS and some info and they asked me to check out for IELTS.

Yes...there's still some space for me to sit for IELTS in June and i am going for it. Tomorrow am gonna go to the British Council at Wisma Dredging and put up my application together with $$$ for the fee. A handsome amount for the fee weih.... takper la.. demi Ilmu ku korbankan jua... hahaha... i choose 13 Jun as my 1st choice and 20th. June as 2nd date.. We'll see...

So dude, wish me (doakan banyak-banyak) for me to pass the test with flying colors.. Amin!


:) said...

Hi there
Just wanna inform you that I went to accompany my friend to register IELTS, and the place for the 13th of June is already full (both KL and PJ offices). So you might wanna consider the later date. But I dunno, perhaps you are lucky enough to secure a place.

rinaabdullah said...

hello :)
I manage to get a place on the 13th.. but not going thru British Council (all full house already), i got the place thru IDP... at Subang Jaya.. still got few seats kalau ada orang berminat lagi.. but have to book it soonest possible... IELTS is like a hot cake now... hehehe