October 14, 2008

One fall after another...

Itu namanya sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga... he he he.. my right shoulder is not yet fully recovered, but then my right eye has gone into ER as well.. It got infected after my laziness - slept with the contact lense on! OMG!

So folks.. never never slept with the contact lense. Bring lotsa harm than good. So now, for 3 weeks, i repeat! 3 weeks with my glass... (some of Senior Managers here said that i look like a school girl.. which i like it! Ha ha ha..) Life 24-7 with glass has obstructing my 360 degrees vision really which is why i don't like to wear the glass. I can only view within the most 130 degrees.. Hah..

Attach are some writings about the consequences of sleeping with contact lense..


So folks.. NEVER, i repeat NEVER sleep with your contact lense! Learn a lesson.

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