June 17, 2008

what a frustrating morning...

I woke up this morning like other Londoners I guess. At 6am in the morning.. Yay! Finally my brain follows the local time already. But then, my sleep was disturbed by a call from Citibank. It was quite disturbing when they called you continuously until I had to pick up and told them I’m away in London. They called to sell the products. Hah!

Legs and shoulder got swollen last night due to continuous brisk walk since 8.00am till 10pm at night. Last night outing with hubby was to get familiar with Hyde Park - Marble Arch. Got lost, found and lost again. Our main target was to go to HRC London to pick up some stuff and eat… I was damn hungry. Forgot to take lunch since I was eagerly digging out at for offers in Ashford Outlet. But managed to walk thru Harrods – walk through because the shop already closed by the time we reach there. It was 8.30pm.

What makes me so frustrated this morning was when I tried to get connected with my angels via video conference… my laptop cannot get connected to the t-mobile hotspot. Cannot get connected in the hotel and thought that hotel wi-fi was lousy. So went to the nearest Starbuck, still couldn’t get through. Must be me – not IT savvy anymore or the laptop getting older. Ha ha ha.. I prefer the second reason!

On the way back from Starbuck, passed by the small2 souvenir shops and came across the shop that sell 13 magnet fridge for £10. So GPMS folks.. that’s your souvenir la.. ha ha ha. Sorry mate, that’s all I can afford ha ha ha. And the stall keeper kept on offering me few things – it strikes me when he offered 4 shirts at price of £10 too.. 2 days ago hubby bought 3 for £10. I got better deal! Ha ha ha. And not to forget bought London Bus miniature 3 for £5 for my angels. They are always in my mind. Miss them really!

I need to go on.. to go out to Whiteleys and Oxford Street again to continue hunting for etc etc etc… ha ha ha. Til then.

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