June 17, 2008

London Holiday...

Today is my 3rd. day in this bustling city. Have been enjoying the cool weather even they are in summer holiday. It’s pretty cool and bearable for us still. Let me recalled what was happen for the past 2 days. The flight to London was an enjoyable one. Sat on the first 3 seaters row of the economy troop with one Datuk of Selangor. The Mr Alex of MAS chief steward had purposely make a space for Datuk Ismail (so do i!) just to ensure comfort journey. Thanks Mr Alex. So there were only 2 of us on 3 seaters. Been chit-chat with Datuk Ismail for all sorts of stories from politics to buah durian kunyit. Ah, Datuk got hundreds acre of Dusun Durian in Janda Baik. I’ll surely contact you for the durian treat Datuk.

Arrived in London Heathrow at 4pm, and with priority fast lane and fast luggage so everything went on smoothly. Ah, another bigger shot guy on my plane was Tan Sri (if not mistaken) RHB chairman – Hamid Kama Piah & wife and 2 escorts. Met them during fast lane immigration check out. I just like the way he talks, humble but intelligence. Rode in London Black Cabby to Holiday Villa costs us slightly more than £50 with good driver. So my first impression towards our holiday trip this time will be a NICE one as I wish.

2nd. day started with getting to know the city plan.. but before that, forget to tell you that the sunset yesterday was at 9pm and sunrise at 4am. Ha ha ha.. this will definitely screwed up my sleep time. Yes, we woke up at 4am and just do nothing until 7.30am to go down for breakfast. Couldn’t sleep already! Our first plan this morning was to visit the Morning market. Checked on my notes to see where we should be heading to and decided to go to Portobello Morning Market. After checking out the Oyster Card (we bought that for 7-days unlimited journey £24.20) and we rode the train towards Portobello. Passing by the Notting Hill area. Was looking for Travel Book Shop (where Hugh Grant works in The Notting Hill Movie) but missed it. I’ll try to check it out again! But had spotted few scene from the movie I guessed. Bought souvenirs for hubby staff, LONDON t-shirts for angels and those lucky nephews (only got few piece extra – sapa muat dia dapat!! Ha ha ha..) and found one designer cotton cardigan sold at £5 only. So that’s our catch in Portobello. Head to Oxford Street around 11pm. Damn, all shops were still close at this hour but then our pocket dok berjoget dah! He he.. Guess what time the shop will be open? Some at 12 noon and some even at 1pm. And will be closed around 6pm. So we strolled along the Oxford Street, Regent Street – looking for things behind the mirror. But hey we were not alone.. A lot of people strolling too, waiting for the shop to open the door. So we decided to spend our time smarter way, boarded on the red double decker bus, get the front row seat on top and round the city passing by the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, the Parliament and get back to the city just in time for shopping. In-out shops like next, MNG, GAP, clarks and PRIMARK. Thousands of shops along those two streets and that already tear off our pocket. Ha ha ha. Primark was full pack of peoples from around the world. It offers some quality goods with good price for us! Definitely I’ll visit again during the week-day for less people I hope!

Our 3rd. day started early too, woke up at 4.30am and started doing some planning for today’s plan. Hubby already got in his business and he stucked there already. I couldn’t stop the urge of going to Ashford Outlet la.. So decided to follow hubby to Victoria Station and checked out the bus and train fare to Ashford, Kent. Bus gave good offer for £12.30 return trip, and train offered £22.80 for return trip. Thought I could save £10 for one pair of clarks shoe, so I bought the bus ticket. Leaving the Victoria station at 9am, and Oh My Gosh! The trip took 3 hours to reach Ashford Town. Bit frustrated as the coming back bus at 4.20pm. Here I was to do my shopping in the Outlet only within 3 hours so. But looking at the different view, I was enjoying the ride actually because the bus took me to the countryside of London- into Dartford, Maidstone, Leeds Castle and Ashford city centre. So no complaint, I started my shopping at Ashford around 12.30noon. Bought some good stuffs like Principles Long dress for me, tons of Clarks shoe for us and moms and sisters (had to buy another trolley bag here to pack those shoes here), some Gap and knit knat. By 4pm, my foot were already crammed and it rushed me to go back. Doing some practical thinking about going back with bus or buy new ticket to go back by train?… I decided to buy another train ticket to go back. Tak sanggup nak dok 3 jam lagi dlm bas. Ha ha ha. After 1 hour, I was already in Charing Cross Station with extra £16.70 for the one way ticket. What a waste. Ha ha ha.

Hubby waited at Charing Cross Station happily to see me and what I bought for him.. ha ha ha. So enjoy the shoes and some staff. Makdik and K nie… do you like it?

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