January 03, 2009

Banjir oh banjir..

My hometown Pulai Chondong dan lebih specific lagi my mom's house kebanjiran hari ni. As early as 7.30am, my mom called heboh2 pasal rumah masuk air.. waahhh.. how i wish i am in kelantan now and can enjoy the musim boh ni.

The last time i experienced this musim boh was right after my final paper, final semester uni time, 2000. I took the first flight to kb that day just to ensure that i didn't missed the banjir and someone needed to help my mom to rescue the house. My house - my living room tenggelam up to knee length. Hah!.. best main air!

Today wasn't so bad, air masuk kat dapor je, and our living room pulak about two inch away je lagi utk tenggelam.. hehehe..

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