January 01, 2009

Bandung oh bandung.. part 1

I am dreaming of my bandung trip terribly lately.. hehehe..everyday and nights, whenever free.. i'll be surfing the net and get as much info as i can..in order to ensure our trip (family & friends) will be as smooth as expected.

I have made reservation for accommodation already. At first was thinking to stay in Galeria Ciumbulueit but then after reading bout it, that place is quite far from the Riau-Dago shopping streets.. and not easily accessible - need transport all the time to go in/out.. So not really a good choice.

Then, after reading and talking to Pak Agus (was introduced by my big brother), Grand Serela is a 3 star hotel and located within walking distance to FO. Thank goodness. But the rate is slightly higher but after i did some calculation to prev hotel + transport and this hotel.. it's the same amount though.. so let's stay in Grand Serela.

My thinking is.. my buddies - loub, ed and hanim will surely find their way in/out FO at any time they like.. and me? - maybe stranded with the 2 angels and in/out of this hotel numerous times a day.. hahahaha..

Some info quoted from my reading...

Bandung is Dago and Dago is Bandung
Once you are in Dago, it is easy to go anywhere. Grand Serela at Jalan Riau just around factory outlets such as the Heritage would be my first choice... , Grand Setiabudi less convenient for its location except it is near the famous Rumah Mode factory outlet

And please read the lengthy review at this page:

Below are some of the worth mention factory outlets in Bandung.
1. Rumah Mode ( the best in Bandung and a must visit) - Jln Setiabudi
2. Terminal Tas ( lots of branded ladies handbag)
3. Summit
4. Heritage
5. Merdeka Outlet
6. Level FO
7. Victoria FO
8. Mode Plus and Donatello – Jln Setiabudi
9. Secret Factory Outlet- the latest FO at Jalan Riau

And for Pak Agus services, this guy can provide hotel reservation (with some mark up to Indonesian rate!) and also transportation to anywhere u like.. and the charges he gave me was like a day rate (24 hrs available) for 7 person transportation = IDR600,000. This is pretty expensive for me.. I'll try to negotiate again if we agree to hire him on 12 hours basis..

that's all for today..

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