June 28, 2008

Wimbledon vs. Hujan vs. Mr Mandela Birthday Concert

Londoners said once Wimbledon Tournament started, then London will start raining. Partly true i guess. For the first week here, it was all bright sunny day with pretty nice weather around 17-18C and came the 2nd week, the Wimbledon week, raining or at least the dark cloud would shower the London city. And the weather got hotter now i guess. I don't need to take my jacket anymore during my outing!

And today is Mr Nelson Mandela's birthday concert at the Hyde Park... just about half km from my place. People started to gather in the park since 4pm.. guess they wanted to get the premium seat for tonight's show. Me not joining? Nope.. it's going to get very great shower - the big dark cloud is everywhere.. and need to get good sleep for tomorrow's trip back to KL.

Happy 90th. Birthday Mr Mandela..

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