November 21, 2008

TARA3 Finalist...

Finally after so much waiting for the wonderful ending of the amazing race asia... After 10 weeks of washing buses and elephants, numerous vehicular problems, dealings with chickens and fish, getting tattoos, taxi drivers who did not know the way, Yields and U-turns executed by one team… it has boiled down to the three teams, of which one who will be crowned champion. here i would like to announce that the winners are:

1st. place - Sam & Vince (good boys always win)
2nd place - Geoff & Tish (bad boy & try to be bad girl) hahaha
3rd. place - Ida Nerina & Tania Khan (i cry for your winning sisters!!)

Well, congrats to all. To Ida, i really adore your fighting spirit! You're so strong & adventerous - salute you!

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