December 23, 2008

agghhh.. Rotator Cuff Tear again..

I am suffering from this so called muscle tear or specifically called rotator cuff tear. My right shoulder suffer from stiffness and i can't bend it above the shoulder level because of the pain.

This happen again last Friday after my day out with the two angels- went around Malacca town. After lifting the little Ilham for quite few occassions, then i started to feel that there's muscle stretch on the right shoulder.. and i thought it will fade away after some rest etc.

Nevertheless, it didn't fade away, but it started getting more seriuos. Yesterday, i went to see my ophthalmologist - Dato' Dr Zul at GIMC.. and guess what he asked me to do:

1. Given one week MC to reduce the stress and pain in the shoulder muscle
2. 2 bags of medicines
3. MRI scan needed too. Can't escape this time! Schedule to be on 24th. Dec. 08

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tear

If caused by a fall or accident, acute pain (yes, probably eversince the car acc in 2003 but it got worsen after a futsal tournament in Aug this year).
Pain and decreased strength (especially when reaching overhead).
With a large or complete tear may, one may be unable to raise arm overhead.
Pain at night, pain sleeping on side.

Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tear

When a healthy rotator cuff tears as a result of a traumatic injury (fall or accident), surgery is more likely to be performed than when a rotator cuff tears as a result of chronic degeneration. Surgery is more likely to be successful when the cuff is healthy.

Small tears usually heal with conservative treatment. Partial tears often get larger. Large or complete tears often do not heal, however, surgery is not always necessary. Many older people have tears in their rotator cuff yet symptoms often resolve with conservative treatment. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles plays a major role in preserving function of the shoulder.

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