April 15, 2009

the next 3 hours..

I went to my sister's place and told her my plan to go to Jln San Peng - to checkout after 2 shops which really haunted me since a month ago.. One shop is the Fabrics Supplier and the next door is Kedai Alat Jahitan & Aksesori.

Both agreed and we were there right at 10am. The Fabrics Supplier shop sells fabrics in roll or bundle and each bundle goes around 40 yards or so..and some can cut based on your needs selling at RM5/metre.. Found few good cottons for our next projects.. hahaha.. and burnt out a total of RM170 at the first shop!

Next visit - kedai Alat Jahitan & Aksesori.. this shop makes us crazy.. all sorts of things selling in bundle. They sells buttons in varieties of colors, sorts of needles, threads and etc.

After browsing in the 2 shops, the clock was alredy 12.15noon and i was late to clock in the office.. So that's why i got to apply for day emergency leave..

Hah hah hah hah haaa....

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