February 20, 2009

Honda 222

am blogging while waiting for my car? or my friend to pick me for fruity lunch today.. yeay.. neway, it's Friday and 12.33noon already and am not suppose to go back to the office pun...hahaha...

our lunch, gonna be casual fruity lunch at this one nyonya in PJ New Town Area.. her fruits and drinks are superb.. go and try yourself. Our menu will always be like: Nenas potong-potong and drinks: various choices.. but all are superb.

My car? can come back and pick up within 3 hours.. so by 2pm then.. it should be ready lah. What i like most bout this service center.. is the location, price, customer services and also the extra facilites and necessities given. Ur car will be washed for free before they handed the key to u. And apart of that, i have my wireless internet access for free too in here..

So let's blogging from Honda 222. hehehehe

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