February 11, 2009

Bibik oh bibik..

my ol bibik is coming back.. yeay! means most house chores will get more helpful hands to do.. but.. deep inside i am afraid if she'll come back just for fun! Touch wood! I pray to Allah that she'll be here with us solely to work obediently and will give us no trouble. I can't handle all housechores by myself and yes i need little? big help and i welcome you bik..

but the process is bit lengthy, despite how much money needed to spend for her arrival includes all processes in Indonesia, at Imigresen Malaysia and upon her arrival. enough for 3 pieces of Coach Handbags tell you... Oh Tuhan, murahkan la rezeki ku!

despite that so, i will post the summary of the process for benefits of others whom happen to read my blog.. hehehehe... stay tune for next post.

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