January 28, 2008

Soul Theraphy in United Emirates

After few years of dreaming about going to Dubai... Alhamdulillah finally manage to get blessing from hubby & good offer from MAS, return tickets for only RM1600++ on top of forgo my Enrich points & half of hubby's. Travelling for almost 8 hours from KL to Dubai via Karachi was quite wonderful. Being seated next to Finance Manager of Abbot (Pakistan), we spent time talking about our countries etc. Lots of Q about Malaysian History were unable to be answered correctly as am not good in that. Sorry sir. But then again, i wish Pakistan & Malaysia is just next door for his company produces Pediasure, Isomil nutrition milk for kiddies.. and he can get it at staff price.. ha ha ha... I can't afford to buy that in Malaysia.. it'a expensive. Then he's off in Karachi. The next person's coming was another mid age pakcik Pakistani in late 40's. A businessman in Dubai.. He's off to Dubai after coming back for a short holiday in Karachi. Dressed in modern attire with nice suit while 80% other Pakistani population in Economy Class that day were dressed in Shalwar Khamis + all sorts of smells (attar and curries etc) He he...

Shortly after landed in Dubai, Linda (a friend working in Abu Dhabi hospital) came to fetch me. Tell you, taxi rental and food are expensive in UE. Trip from Abu Dhabi-Dubai is cost around UED200. 2nd day in UE - we off to Dubai city from Abu Dhabi by bus (UED20) for sightseeing. Visiting Wafi Mall - a very posh mall with Egypt Design. I can't afford to shop here.. After having lunch and some window shopping, I tried to get my Dubai Planet Hollywood shirt but unfortunately it runs out of stock for the moment. The PH is just somewhere outside Wafi Mall. Then we off by taxi (UED17) to Naeff area to get some cloth or materials in Pulwanis. This shop is so famous for Malaysia. The owner and co-workers can speak well in Bahasa and you'll find the tagline for the shop is 'AIR CREW SHOP'. Once we enter the shop, there are pairs of aircrews inside, doing some material shopping etc. This shop offers good material at good price and it melts RM1300 out from my pocket...Shhhuuuussshhh... :)

But the amount i paid is for 15 pairs of combination chiffon, crepe satin and good cottons... so worth it isn't?

well, that's all till now. will cont..

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