January 30, 2008

Eyes Theraphy In Dubai... :)

Yesterday events would be the most exciting ones. Coming to Dubai is incomplete without a visit to Gold Souk, Spice Souk, and many more souks, and i ended up the day with a visit to the most posh building in the world, Burj Al Arab and Jumeira Al Madinat... What a wonderful journey...

When i was in the Gold Souk, it's awesome but my money is valueless here. But i got my eyes theraphy. THat's good enough. Gold- white or yellow are sold all along the street with all sorts of design. Mind you i found Happy Diamond - Chopard, Bylgary Jewelry - those sets cost you nothing less that 2K but definitely cheaper than the boutique itself. So Zairin must put this Gold Souk as 1st. agenda on her visit very soon. Mate, i got some pictures for you...

Spice Souk is awesome for food lover or cook lovers.. I am so happy that i managed to get here. The spices sold are cheap and fresh.

Then there we go to Burj Al Arab. This time we already picked up a car and i drove from one street to another. Frankly speaking driving in Dubai or in general in UAE is easier rather than taking taxi. But not to those who wanted to go around the city. It's jam packed and lots of crazy taxi driver started to pinch their car honk... that'll makes u crazy.

These are among the beautiful pictures taken along the way towards Burj Al Arab and in front of the Burj. Enjoy it. Will try to take some more pictures of the burj al arab in the daylight... today. Insyaallah..

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