April 05, 2009

the polka dots..

my weekend almost over!

but.. i have done something good u know.. my project over the weekend..

check out the peektures below.. taaarrrrraaaaa

tersengeh tuan punya dress with her own color choice.. I like red!

another pose from the red angel... and her little sister's dress..

where's the owner? owhh.. she's sleeping..... hehehe

the back part of the yellow polka dots dress..


dove99 said...

waahh.. terer..terer..terer.. aku book nk jd first customer!

YuS~N3 said...

waa..caiyok caiyok..

rinaabdullah said...

sat la..tunggu aku gilapkan skit skill dulu la baru menerima upahan..hehehe...nak kena alter senget senget skit tu.. hehehe