March 14, 2009

Bibik & her Immigration & MAB Processes at LCCT

We (me and hubby +kids) was in LCCT in order to pick up our ol' bibik. She arrived here roughly around 12.30 noon and we left the house slightly early because we planned to go to Nilai 3 before hand. We did and we bought big vase for inhouse potted plant. That's my hubby's fav past time activity!.

Okey, forget bout Nilai3, come back to the Immigration & MAB Processes. I would like to be the first person to share this procedures and what to do... if you're going to pick up the bibik yourself (not going thru the agency).

These are the steps that you have to do, or go thru.. for Immigration & MAB Processes

1. PLease copied (2 copies each)
- Kad Pengenalan Majikan (both sides on A4 paper)
- Salinan Surat Calling Visa yang dikeluarkan oleh Immigresen
- Salinan Resti Levi RM430 or RM450.. lupa lak berapa amount ni..
- Surat Wakil (sekiranya u cannot go and pick urself, pls do surat wakil even\
if your wife is going on your behalf)
- Salinan kad nikah (if you wife acts as wakil)

2. Go to the Kaunter Harian (1st floor) and the entrance is behind the Asian Kitchen.
3. Pass all the relevent documents as per item 1 to the Pegawai bertugas. Pls ignore them for being bossy or what so ever.. we need their help.. sabar!
4. Get yourself hand label as pas lawatan kerja sementara ke apa and wait for your POlis Escort. And make sure you get a set of item 1 to be passed to Immigration later on! And u need to leave behind your IC here!
5. Polis Escort will bring you towards check-in domestic area, out from the door (like going to catch a plane) and come back into the Arrival Hall for International. There you need to do some plain normal isi borang apa ntah (make sure bring a pen- save your time), settled the Immigration part and you'll get your maid.
6. Bring her to the carousel.. to pick up her bags. This might be a trick and trap too.. what if she already arrived 2 hours ago.. no more listings displayed for your bag at which carousel.. hehehe...carik la ye bang! kak!
7. Make sure yourself dress up nicely with shoes preferably. No short like ah kau jual sayor eh, no fancy fip flop too.. or else MAB Kaunter Harian will get you dressed up properly with some $$. So to save your $$, better take note.
8. Out from there and back to the Kaunter Harian to get back your IC, and pay for the Polis Ecsort Fee.. for RM41. Cash money is OK.

That's all.. pretty straight forward if you're lucky!. My hubby first arrived at the Kaunter Harian at 12.45noon and only settled everything by 3pm. So bersabar je la.

My advice, based on today's experience.. there was this old guy coming to pick his maid too without the photocopied documents. He had to wait for more than 1 hour at the counter. Why? Reason being.. almost all photostat machine around the LCCT broke down and it's weekend. So they had to rely on the office machine and the charges gonna be like RM1/piece.. What a bad day for him! :)

That's all folks.. good luck thoughhhh...

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